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Unleash the Power of Intuitive Telecom OSS Solutions for the Growth of MVNO

Telecom software solutions are integral to the day-to-day work operations of a business. Service provisioning to service delivery is executed by telecom OSS solutions. The billing is managed by charging and rating engines, which form a core component of OSS software telecom. However, most MVNOs do not have the skills and experience to manage the technical side of OSS and BSS services or telecom billing. Therefore, they are often unable to withstand the onslaught of competition that they face every day.

Intuitive Telecom Software Solutions are Key

While it is possible to have a technical expert guide you through every function of complicated a telecom software solution, it is not very practical. Instead, an MVNO should strive to procure an intuitive MVNO-centric OSS software telecom like the one offered by OSS Billing.

Over a period of time, an MVNO would like to manage its own services without any outside help. It would also have to train the new staff on the software. Therefore, intuitiveness of the software platform is the key.

Key Elements of Successful MVNO Telecom Software Solutions

Intuitiveness is the bare minimum for an MVNO telecom software solution. There are other elements as well that need to be focused upon. Have a look:

APIs for amending existing platform

With time, you would have to bring in new functionalities. For that, if you have to completely overhaul the existing OSS software telecom, then it won’t be very effective. On the contrary, you can amend the existing platform reasonably with APIs that are built from the ground up to achieve specific functionality. For example, you can add a new payment gateway or integrate with a new billing database like Lifeline Services in the US.

Quick monetization of services

The OSS and BSS services need to be quickly monetized so that customers can be attracted with new plans and offers. An Online Charging System, like the one offered by OSS Billing, can help your MVNO charge both session- and event-based services at the same point. This functionality allows you to consolidate billing, which is very much an essential modern-day requirement for telecom operators.

Revenue assurance and reporting

An MVNO cannot survive if it does not deliver on its promises. This is why, revenue assurance is key. Along with that, you need flawless reporting of every user action, every activity by interconnect partner and vendors. With transparent reporting, it becomes simple to analyze the entire MVNO operation and improve it accordingly.

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