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Tackle 5G with Confidence by Using Next-Gen OSS Software Telecom

The move from 3G to 4G was a huge upgrade, but it wasn’t a revolutionary change. But as we get closer to full-fledged launch of 5G, things are considerably different than before. In its real avatar, 5G is faster than most broadband connections that we know of. So much so, that 5G bandwidth can be sliced and used for separate connections and different business use cases. Just as the functionality and benefits are high, the same way the complexity is also unmatched. Therefore, OSS software telecom needs to be exactly in line with 5G requirements.

Brace Up with Cutting-Edge Convergent Telecom Software Solutions

Due to the complexity of 5G, it requires next-gen telecom software solutions with the following changes:

  • A modified convergent charging platform for effective monetization
  • Fresh enterprise level capabilities in the OSS software telecom
  • charging gateway function and charging data function need to be combined into a single entity
  • Open APIs for enrolling new subscribers
  • Billing of 5G slicing services as per the quality
  • OTT service charging based upon memory and CPU utilization

Top Telecom Billing Systems for 5G Monetization

Apart from service delivery, 5G has its very own monetization requirements. Top telecom billing systems provided by an expert telecom billing specialist are needed to monetize next-gen 5G services:

  • Monetization of sliced networks as per quality
  • Pilot projects to gauge customer response
  • Ability to launch and begin new 5G subscription and services in real-time
  • Development and delivery of 5G service via a single convergent platform
  • Convenient migration of existing users to the new platform, so that all existing subscribers can be served with 5G connection
  • Cloud-based storage to ensure data safety

Choosing the Right Telecom Software Solutions

When it comes to choosing the right telecom software solutions for your busines, you have to analyze other functionalities apart from the ones that favor 5G. Have a look at some of those:

  • APIs for accessing new partnerships with new vendors. E.g. if you want to launch new SIMs and deliver them to your subscribers, you should have an API that puts you in touch with shipping vendors
  • Point of Sale for direct selling of 5G and other services to your customers
  • Scalability to meet future requirements

At OSS Billing, we offer all the aforementioned services and a lot more. We are prepared for the complete 5G launch, and have a very flexible platform that can accommodate the needs of telcos.

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