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Adapt to Quick Changes Fast with Pertinent Telecom Software Solutions

The transformations in the telecom industry are taking place at a rapid pace. But unfortunately, software evolution is not as fast. There is a clear difference between the current modus operandi and what could be achieved by completely overhauling the standard B/OSS platform with the employment of cutting-edge Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). However, it is still important for telcos to employ telecom software solutions that are incorporating the necessary aspects.

Intuitiveness of Telecom Billing Systems is Vital

Gone are the days when you need to have separate IN and OFCS solutions for billing prepaid and postpaid services. Also, the BSS and OSS software telecom tasks are more overlapping than ever before. Order taking, inventory management, service provisioning, service delivery, charging and all other aspects are packaged in single-point telecom billing systems to ensure convenience for the users.

The intuitiveness of cutting-edge platforms provided by telecom billing vendors often defines their effectiveness, especially for less tech-savvy Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

Most MVNOs are not able to keep up with the demand of their subscribers, because they do not know how to handle the software procured from the vendors. Hence, it is important to source an innovative yet simple OSS billing solution for the benefit of one’s business.

Quick Adaptation is Mantra to Success

Even more important than intuitiveness is the capability of a software solution to be implementable in ever-changing telecom industry. It should be flexible and come with APIs that bring in new functionalities without any need for software customization and overhauls.

Some essential traits of a quick adapting OSS software telecom are:

Ability to monetize a range of services into attractive packages

A convergent and real-time billing platform is needed for monetizing a range of telecom services into interesting packages. It should come with the option to launch pilot programs, and manage various different options for billing at the click of a button.

Revenue assurance

Taxation, interconnect partnerships and disputes need to be managed effectively for the success of a telecom billing operation. Unless telecom software solutions can promise you assurance on the revenue, they won’t be a profitable option in the long run.

Reporting of every telecom transaction

Analytics and reporting are two vital functionalities of telecom billing systems. You should get every report in relation to the use of subscriber services.


The OSS software telecom should come equipped with the technology to launch future services like IoT and 5G. This will allow you to stay completely assured about your telecom operation in the future.

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