Pre-paid and Post-paid Telecom Billing Solutions made easy by CareTel OSS software – Part-2

The previous blog described how OSS could work like a magic wand to simplify the pre-paid billing process. This blog will spell out how the magic of OSS extends to post-paid services.
So here is what you get with CareTels post-paid OSS billing solution:

  • All Inclusive Pricing, with Tax

The software can be customized so that the final bill includes various taxes as well as surplus charges.

  • Processing of Daily Usage File

A post-paid essentially records the total usage of a customer in a given month. This is computed by adding up all the Daily Usage and this record is maintained on a daily basis, in case the customer requires. These DUF files can be downloaded as many times. And the charges can be calculated and updated regularly, depending on the plan of the user – like 3-way calling or calling of 411, making local and international outbound calls and texts etc.

  • Processing of Call Detail Records

Similar to the DUF, the files of CDRs are also regularly updated daily.

  • Late Fees

You can set the criteria for a late fee, and the software will automatically add it up in the charges. The software also generates a list of the defaulting customers who will have to pay up a late fee, and they are also emailed about the same.

  • Customized Scheduled Billing

Typically post- paid bills are computed on a monthly basis. But in case the customer requires daily, weekly, fortnightly billing, it can be easily done! Now you can give the liberty of deciding the billing cycle to your customers. Rest assured, each billing cycles goes through a double checked for its correctness. It is never posted before a quality audit is done.

  • Tax

Whatever be the tax rating, the CareTel software can easily calculate it. It has information of more than 90 percent of tax ratings fed within its billing system.

  • Print from anywhere

Unlike many OSS billing solution providers, we do not have any contract that binds you to print your bills from us. You are free to choose any vendor as per your convenience for printing.

  • Carrier Access Billing Facility

Our intelligent CereTel software can sieve out the non-billable calls from the list of billable calls. The process for DUFs and CABs billing can be optimized they way you want, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

  • E-Bill

We believe in saving our trees, saving our environment and therefore saving paper. We offer the facility of providing an e-Bill, which is directly sent to the customers through an e-mail.  This e-bill is integrated with the online payment solution as well so that the entire transaction can be done effortlessly with a few clicks.
So whether you want pre-paid services or post-paid services, CareTel is your one-in all solution!

Pre-paid and Post-paid Telecom Billing Solutions made easy by CareTel OSS software – Part-1

Every mobile-user of this world is faced with two choices the moment they buy a new SIM – whether to opt for a pre-paid or for a post-paid connection. Apart from minor differences in call rates, the crucial difference is in the payment timing. Post-paid billing occurs at the end of every month, while the pre-paid billing occurs in real time. Naturally then the telecom companies also have to adopt different ways to compute these two bills. They need someone to execute pre-paid telecom billing services and also postpaid telecom billing services for them. OSS system solution vendors come into the picture here.
Through OSS (Operation Support Software) like we provide at CareTel, telecom companies can easily calculate the bills of their thousands of customers, both pre-paid and post-paid.
In this blog, we will enumerate the features which make Pre-paid billing easy through our CareTel Software. This Software enables payment by various means such as the following:

  • Payments by Credit Cards and ACH

CareTel software has ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment facility and is also is integrated with credit card. Payments can be easily made online or after logging in.Customers can directly enroll to avail this facility. Enrolment is done online as well as telephonically through QuickTel. After their credit/debit card’s validity is confirmed, and then customers’ payments will be automatically debited.

  • Payments by DigiMoney Integration

Subscribers can convert cash into digitized money with the CareTel software and this can be used to pay bills.

  • Payments by major carriers and centers

CareTel operations are spread across 40 states of America. So payments can be made from various location centers through coupons cards or value cards.

  • Payment by Money Gram Integration

We can use MoneyGram orders to make the payments for mobiles.

  • Payment by Western Union, SwiftPay

CareTel Software is integrated with the popular payments facilities like SwiftPay and Western Union.

With all these multiple options of payment through CareTel Software, having a pre-paid connection becomes hassle-free, both for the mobile-user as well as for the telecom company.
Keep watching this space for our next in series, on how CareTel makes post-paid billing solutions a smooth and simple process.