Why Should You Trust Us

This is one of the questions that most of the companies are not comfortable in answering. However, we are not like rest of the others and you will soon understand why it is alright for you to trust us.

Here a few points to make our point more clear:

Data Security: We understand that your data holds too much importance for you. Any loss of this data or misuse of it can hurt your business badly. We make sure that the data of our clients is kept as safely and securely as possible. Most advanced security features have been installed to ensure that the data of our clients never gets into wrong hands. Only people having proper authorization are able to access the data and that too only the part which they are authorized for. Regular data backups are maintained to prevent loss of any data due to natural or manual reasons.

Experience: Our core management team has a cumulative experience of more than 100 years and is well prepared for handling any project. Their vast experience enables us to manage even the most complex and large projects with ease. They have been in the OSS billing and telecom billing industry from a very long time and are aware of all the problems and obstacles that could occur. This enables us to deliver problem free exceptional billing services to our clients.

Trusted by Many: Since our inception, we have delivered total satisfaction to our clients in each and every segment. We carry the trust of more than 50 global clients who have always appreciated our services. We offer both prepaid and postpaid telecom billing services which has attracted many clients to us. Serving these clients has provided us with enough expertise to handle any type of billing process.

Whether you need a prepaid billing solution or require a postpaid billing solution, you can get most trusted services from our end in both segments. If you have any further questions or want to share your thoughts on this topic then please feel free to leave us a comment below.

An OSS solution that guarantees quality provisioning

Our CareTel software is designed to serve only the best provisioning facilities, as was recently acknowledged by one of our longstanding clients. They said that our solution was by far the most easy to manage and easy to implement. And we told them that the credit for this goes firstly to our congenial Call Center Agents, and secondly to our feature-rich CareTel software which guarantees the highest quality of provisioning.
Whether the customer is a postpaid mobile service subscriber or a prepaid one, we ensure that they get immaculate and hassle-free provisioning facilities like activation, suspension, renewal or any other requirement. Few of the features that set our service a class apart and make us the distinguished oss and billing solution provider are:

  • Technologically superior with XML and EDI

Our solution is enabled by the support from Extensible Markup Language as well as Electronic Data Interchange. So we are able to commission the services online without an interface.  Our provisioning system is independent, powered by ILEC. We strictly do not depend on a third party vendor for it and perform our own independent provisioning. Our systems are presently aligned with AT&T Midwest, Southeast, West, Qwest (XML), Verizon West and East.

  •  Cost effective

You will discover, if you compare our charges for services with other OSS billing vendors, that we provide the most reasonably priced services for most enriched services. So you truly get a complete value for money when you outsource oss and telecom billing to CareTel!

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning

We provide you fully automated provisioning in which our software will perform the functions with complete adherence to your rules. CareTel offers 100% ZTP.

  • Complete Order Processing and simultaneous automated Billing

Once you feed the orders received from the customers into CareTel system, you don’t have to worry about the order fulfillment. Like in the situation when a customer has placed order for activation of connection from next month, the Agent just has to set the date for activation into CareTel. The connection will automatically be turned active on the given day. And after the order is fulfilled, a bill and a status update shall be generated by the software system and delivered to the Agent. This feature ensures that the customer always gets the promised service on time.

  • Dial up and Long Distance Calls Provisioning

CareTel software can perform all provisioning functions like activation, suspension or renewal for dial-up and long distance calling, unlike many other oss billing service providers.

  • Holistic management

CareTel software stores all the Call Detail Records, the Daily Use Feeds in an organized manner. All the duplicate files are detected so that Agents may delete them if required. CareTel functions as a thoroughly integrated Customer and Billing (CAB) solution, easy to manage and easy to implement.

With these features, no wonder our client is impressed with our provisioning service and extended its contract further for a period of 5 years!

Pre-paid and Post-paid Telecom Billing Solutions made easy by CareTel OSS software – Part-2

The previous blog described how OSS could work like a magic wand to simplify the pre-paid billing process. This blog will spell out how the magic of OSS extends to post-paid services.
So here is what you get with CareTels post-paid OSS billing solution:

  • All Inclusive Pricing, with Tax

The software can be customized so that the final bill includes various taxes as well as surplus charges.

  • Processing of Daily Usage File

A post-paid essentially records the total usage of a customer in a given month. This is computed by adding up all the Daily Usage and this record is maintained on a daily basis, in case the customer requires. These DUF files can be downloaded as many times. And the charges can be calculated and updated regularly, depending on the plan of the user – like 3-way calling or calling of 411, making local and international outbound calls and texts etc.

  • Processing of Call Detail Records

Similar to the DUF, the files of CDRs are also regularly updated daily.

  • Late Fees

You can set the criteria for a late fee, and the software will automatically add it up in the charges. The software also generates a list of the defaulting customers who will have to pay up a late fee, and they are also emailed about the same.

  • Customized Scheduled Billing

Typically post- paid bills are computed on a monthly basis. But in case the customer requires daily, weekly, fortnightly billing, it can be easily done! Now you can give the liberty of deciding the billing cycle to your customers. Rest assured, each billing cycles goes through a double checked for its correctness. It is never posted before a quality audit is done.

  • Tax

Whatever be the tax rating, the CareTel software can easily calculate it. It has information of more than 90 percent of tax ratings fed within its billing system.

  • Print from anywhere

Unlike many OSS billing solution providers, we do not have any contract that binds you to print your bills from us. You are free to choose any vendor as per your convenience for printing.

  • Carrier Access Billing Facility

Our intelligent CereTel software can sieve out the non-billable calls from the list of billable calls. The process for DUFs and CABs billing can be optimized they way you want, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

  • E-Bill

We believe in saving our trees, saving our environment and therefore saving paper. We offer the facility of providing an e-Bill, which is directly sent to the customers through an e-mail.  This e-bill is integrated with the online payment solution as well so that the entire transaction can be done effortlessly with a few clicks.
So whether you want pre-paid services or post-paid services, CareTel is your one-in all solution!

Paperless Billing is the Way Ahead

We need not reiterate that millions of forests are being chopped down for producing paper. The whole process of paper manufacturing also emits greenhouse gases and consumes water. And the waste generated by paper ends up in our land-fills. Today in the IT age, humanity has the option to reduce its consumption of paper as more and more people of the world possess a Personal Computer (PC) or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). We, at CareTel OSS Billing, are doing our bit to make the planet greener.

Our exclusive and advanced CareTel software solution for Telecommunications industry can generate accurate bills online for your millions of mobile customers. Our software computes the cost of the bill on the basis of DUF (Daily Usage Files) and Call Detail Records (CDR).

CareTel OSS Billing Software can be further customized to include calculations of Tax. And the Bills can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as you require.

The generated bill is formatted in such a manner that it can be sent as an e-mail or as an attachment file. The Bill, with breakup of the cost in various heads, can be sent out to millions of your customer with a click, through an integrated software application. And most of all, the emails will reach the mailboxes with 100% certainty.

Now compare this with snail mail. Posted bills to the address may not always reach on time, depending on the postal facility. In case the customer changes their address, or if there is any error in the address, then the Bill would just not reach the customer and non-payment of bill would lead to severing of connection for no fault of the customer. Now this is a sure method to get disgruntled customers!

Not to mention that every bill consumes at least one sheet of paper, and also the envelope.

So why choose this tedious, slow and polluting method when you have a convenient option of choosing the paperless online billing solution. All your customers would also be happy to receive bills online. In case there are some exceptions, like senior citizens who aren’t comfortable with computers yet, then you can send paper bills only to them.

We strongly recommend this method to all our telecom clients. Paperless Billing is not just our service, but also our Corporate Social Responsibility.