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The Value of Multi-Functional Single Admin Interface for Telecom Billing Services

When we look from a telecom service provider’s perspective, the situation today is extremely challenging. Whether you are an MVNO or MNO, you have to face extreme competition from all directions. Apart from your peers, there is a price war going on with the OTT services provider who are clearly eating into the profits of seasoned Telcos. So, if you are a new operator, you would be thinking what chance do you stand in this ‘few horse’ race? Don’t worry. Actually, the market is ideal for MVNOs who are willing to be the horses for the courses i.e. if you have a plan and a strategy to woo a customer base, you can definitely survive in the market. All you need are telecom billing services and B/OSS functionality provided via an intuitive single admin interface.

Evening the Odds and Turning the Tide in MVNOs Favor

What an MVNO should be really good at is ‘marketing’, and that’s all you should concentrate upon. As an MVNO already gets Radio Access Network (RAN), HLR, VLR, MSC and other intricate hardware/network resources from major carriers, its focus should solely be on managing its provisioning as per order, billing, service delivery and customer care. And all this is definitely not easy, many MVNOs have found it the hard way.

It is a known fact that most MVNOs do not survive for long because they are unable to make a separate image for their brand. Do you know why that happens? Because they play MNOs at their own game. On the contrary, if you have the right idea, a zealous attitude and most importantly a single admin interface (for managing B/OSS and billing) like the one provided by Telgoo5, you can actually create your very own identity by:

Playing to the customers’ interests

MNOs have a huge subscriber base to cover with their services and hence, they cannot create tailor-made services for everyone. Their approach is ‘macro’. But your MVNO has no such liability. With a flexible billing and monetization platform, you can create bespoke service bundles, offer interesting discounts for each customer subsection and still make a profit in the cutthroat telecom industry.

Abstraction of technicalities

Due to a lack of expertise in telecom software solutions, MVNOs falter in their goals. They get too busy in understanding the intricacy of the system and never transform their ideas into actions. With a single interface that controls every aspect of B/OSS including multiple vendor partnerships, all you have to do is map out a plan and easily convert that into actual offerings for your customers. Convergent billing performed via real-time OCS (like the one offered by Telgoo5) can make the whole monetization and billing process completely transparent. It fosters customer trust and customers stay in line with your vision for them.

Surety about the future

If you are with a telecom billing services provider that is not very advanced, then you are risking your future. Even if you are stable right now, there is no guarantee of stability in the future. The market is about being adaptive or perishing. For example, if you cannot monetize IoT and 5G better than your competitors, you would start losing your subscriber base faster than you can imagine. No point of customization or overhauling your system as it will be too little to make a comeback. Best case scenario, you take a hit and survive. Worst case, your business endeavor comes crashing down. But with a cutting-edge platform like Telgoo5, you can stay abreast of the technology at every step.

Telgoo5 is committed to look after the welfare of its partnering MVNOs and constantly evolves as per industry standards. It also offers APIs that allow you to add new functionality into your existing telecom software solutions (via Single Admin Interface) and stay one step ahead of the competitors.

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