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Simplify Service Monetization with A Dependable Telecom Billing Specialist

The telecom market is all about attracting customers. If you have the right plans, you can gain a fair share of the market and leave your competitors biting the dust. However, small-scale MVNOs that enter the market often find themselves in a cutthroat industry where they have to face several difficult challenges. The biggest obstacle that lays in their path is monetizing their services in such a way that customers leave their existing subscription and join them instead. So, they need a telecom billing specialist who can make this task easier.

MVNO: The Burden of Growing in Every Vertical

When it comes to an MVNO’s growth, it has to be across multiple verticals. Doing all the tasks alone can be a huge challenge, especially when it comes to technicalities of billing and operation support. Not only an MVNO has to forge new partnerships with hardware vendors, it also has to stay updated with the latest developments in the industry. Most MVNOs are better suited to marketing and selling aspect of their operations, and they want their responsibilities to be handled. This is where they need cutting-edge telecom software solutions that are built for their unique requirements. Do you know that with the right billing and B/OSS platform, you can perform on par with the MNOs?

As an MVNO receives its network spectrum via a deal made on its behalf by the MVNE, it only has to focus on dealing with its customers. And, if it can get into the right partnership with a telecom billing specialist, the job is almost done.

The Added Value of Telecom Billing and B/OSS Experts

To ensure that an MVNO makes a name for itself in the industry, it needs to think long-term. And, a prolonged strategy can only be implemented if it has confidence in its core operations including billing and operational support. Below are some desirable virtues of a telecom support vendor, which can add real value to your operation:

Expertise in convergent billing

The days of monolithic IN and offline charging systems are long gone. Today we are living in the age of real-time charging, which allows for complete convergence in billing. Accessing a true real-time charging system like Online Charging System (OCS) allows you to monetize every service at the same place. This reduces the silos that exist between different type of billing functions, and allows you to send accurate invoices to your customers. Also, as an OCS enforces credit limits without fail, the chances of your subscribers exceeding their existing credit limit and incurring additional charges are very low.

APIs to empower MVNO capabilities

An MVNO can have instant requirements that need to fulfilled immediately. For this, they need APIs that can add the desired functionality quickly. At Telgoo5, we provide versatile APIs that are easy to install and can provide you with additional functionalities. For example, the services of a shipping vendor can be accessed immediately if you have the right API for it.

Comprehensive reporting and AI functionality

Advanced analytics in the billing system along with full reporting of every service used by the subscribers are the most important for a competitive MVNO. With knowledge of the market, an MVNO can create the right strategy to meet the emerging challenges. At Telgoo5, we provide full reporting to our every partnering MVNO, so they can search and discover every minute detail about their operations.

Simplified interface and intuitive dashboard

The telecom software solutions provided to you by the vendor should have an intuitive dashboard and interface. Due to the lack of technical expertise, you might struggle to perform your daily operations if the interface is too difficult. By partnering with Telgoo5, you can get the best and the easiest software in the industry.

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