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Keep your Goals in Crosshairs with Precise Telecom Billing Systems for MVNO

An MVNO sets out to achieve its goals but falters in its hurdle 9 times out of 10. What could be the reasons for that? Lack of effort…maybe, lack of vision…probably: but one thing that is common amongst all the most glorious MVNO failures is an inability to keep the objectives in the crosshairs. The main goal of an MVNO should always be: how can I earn the most money? The answer is quite simple and common to all: Attractive monetization of services. And, all you need to achieve that is telecom billing systems, which are tailor-made for your MVNO.

Keeping your Goals in Crosshairs

Small scale MVNOs often start with a common goal, but lose their focus because they are forced to do too many things at the same time. Multi-tasking can be detrimental as it causes them to lose sight of their target i.e. monetization.

An MVNO does not provide anything new to the customers, it only repackages the services that are acquired from an MNO via the support of an MVNE. Therefore, it needs to be a master of repackaging those services and target a particular niche while maintaining the focus on its service delivery.

In these MVNO endeavors, billing and monetization play a very important role. Hence, you should use telecom billing services from a trusted vendor with several years of experience in the domain.

Important Credentials of Telecom Billing Services

There are many qualities of telecom billing services that are needed for proper MVNO operations. Have a look:

Convergence in billing and itemization of every charge

Convergence in billing is probably the most important facet of an MVNO billing operation. As an MVNO will be competing with MNOs in the region, it cannot afford to lose out on the quality of billing. A centralized Online Charging System (OCS) allows MVNOs to create descriptive invoices that reflect every service charge accurately. The chances of errors reduce considerably and the billing becomes much more consistent. Also, we are at the cusp of new changes in the form of IoT and 5G. As these services will decide your fortunes in the future, you need to stick with a convergent billing platform.

APIs for adapting to changes quickly

Application Program Interface (API) supplied by your telecom billing systems vendor can play a huge role in meeting ad hoc business requirements. There can be a situation where you might need a new payment gateway or a shipping vendor. And, for a small scale MVNO, this can be a hard task. However, APIs provided by vendors let you access readymade partnerships and accomplish your tasks without any hassle.

Security of system

As crucial subscriber information resides in the billing system, it needs to be bolstered with strong encryption and security measures. Telgoo5 offers a completely secure multi-tenant system with authenticated access, and ensures complete safety of information.

Ease of use

Most MVNOs are non-technical i.e. they procure almost everything from the MNO and MVNE. They do not have many techies amongst their ranks, and hence they need a completely intuitive configuration panel, which is easy to use. Telgoo5’s telecom billing services offer a very simple platform that even the newbies can understand. And, if there is any query or need for support, you can access it via 24×7 customer care.


For an MVNO to build future strategies, it is vital that it knows about its customers’ buying patterns, geography and preferences. At Telgoo5, we provide every report to our partnering MVNOs by giving them a slave database i.e. updated directly by a master database. MVNO owners can run as many reports they want and at just about any time they want.

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