Telecom Billing Systems

Access Top Telecom Billing Systems to Make the Most Impact with Your Services

Telecom billing systems are crucial for MVNOs and MNOs. These systems allow them to come up with attractive offerings for their customers. Especially for smaller players in the industry like MVNOs, the role of telecom software solutions is immense. If the billing and B/OSS operations are carried out correctly, then it becomes easier for a telco to prosper in the current industry.

Important Attributes of a Telecom Billing Specialist

There are many companies out there who boast that they are the telecom billing specialist and have the top telecom billing systems. But most of the times, it is just exaggeration and nothing practical. It is in your hands to find the best telecom services partner by analyzing their major attributes:

Convergent billing platform like an Online Charging System (OCS)

A real-time OCS forms the backbone of modern-day billing operations. To get the best results in billing, you need a telecom billing specialist that has complete expertise in managing the OCS. Also, the OCS should be 3GPP complaint, which means that the PCEF and OCS is connected with a real-time and direct interface. Such a configuration prevents revenue leakage and also enforces credit limits accurately.

Inventory management

Available telecom services should always be monitored and managed. Telecom software solutions keep complete track of the inventory and replenish the exhausted services. It is crucial that the inventory is always full of the necessary quota, so that customers can use their subscribed services immediately.

Expertise in CRM

No telecom process is complete without a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It keeps a track of all the communication between customer support agents and the customers. Nowadays, the data generated via CRM can be quickly extracted and used for data mining and other Big Data analytics operations.

Assurance of Revenue

It is crucial that the billing system assures revenue for the telecom operator. Auditing, reconciliation for carrier billing and fraud detection are all integral parts of revenue assurance module of telecom billing systems.

Caters to different telecom services, markets and customers

The telecom billing systems should be versatile. They should encompass different subscription types like prepaid and postpaid billing. Along with that, they should also be good enough to monetize the present and emerging services like 5G and IoT.

OSS Billing is one of the best telecom billing specialists in the world with long-term experience of telecom B/OSS functions and telecom billing. We have a dedicated platform that is supported by 24×7 customer support.

Telecom Software Solutions

Adapt to Quick Changes Fast with Pertinent Telecom Software Solutions

The transformations in the telecom industry are taking place at a rapid pace. But unfortunately, software evolution is not as fast. There is a clear difference between the current modus operandi and what could be achieved by completely overhauling the standard B/OSS platform with the employment of cutting-edge Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). However, it is still important for telcos to employ telecom software solutions that are incorporating the necessary aspects.

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Top Telecom Billing Systems

Reduces your MVNO’s Struggles with Top Telecom Billing Systems

An MVNO needs to perform many functions to stay tenable in the current competitive world. But it can be a major struggle for companies that do not have the necessary technical expertise and connections within the industry. As an MVNO does not own a lot of infrastructure of its own (hardware resources and networking devices), it depends on the support from vendors in different verticals. It has to manage various partnerships and monetary transactions that take place in every association. This can all be done easily via top OSS software telecom solutions designed for MVNOs.

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Telecom Billing Services

The Value of Multi-Functional Single Admin Interface for Telecom Billing Services

When we look from a telecom service provider’s perspective, the situation today is extremely challenging. Whether you are an MVNO or MNO, you have to face extreme competition from all directions. Apart from your peers, there is a price war going on with the OTT services provider who are clearly eating into the profits of seasoned Telcos. So, if you are a new operator, you would be thinking what chance do you stand in this ‘few horse’ race? Don’t worry. Actually, the market is ideal for MVNOs who are willing to be the horses for the courses i.e. if you have a plan and a strategy to woo a customer base, you can definitely survive in the market. All you need are telecom billing services and B/OSS functionality provided via an intuitive single admin interface.

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Telecom Billing Systems

Keep your Goals in Crosshairs with Precise Telecom Billing Systems for MVNO

An MVNO sets out to achieve its goals but falters in its hurdle 9 times out of 10. What could be the reasons for that? Lack of effort…maybe, lack of vision…probably: but one thing that is common amongst all the most glorious MVNO failures is an inability to keep the objectives in the crosshairs. The main goal of an MVNO should always be: how can I earn the most money? The answer is quite simple and common to all: Attractive monetization of services. And, all you need to achieve that is telecom billing systems, which are tailor-made for your MVNO.

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Telecom billing software

Temptation of Cheap Telecom Billing Software and How to Overcome It

Telecom billing software lays the basis for a telecom operation to grow upon. It has great significance for both MNOs and MVNOs that are always in a war of competition amongst them. There are different aspects of a telecom operation that need to be accounted for by telecom billing systems. A professional approach to telecom billing is a must, if you truly want to keep your customers happy and your day-to-day operations organized.

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Telecom billing systems

Bill Shock No More with Convergent Telecom Billing Systems

Telecom billing systems have kept on evolving since their inception in the early 1990s. In the years gone by, telecom billing was primarily done for simple services like voice and SMS. The plans were simple and the significance of billing software was not that high. But, with the addition of data-based services, the pressure on billing and OSS software telecom systems has reached unfathomable proportions. No longer are customers satisfied with separate bills for different services. The paradigm of prepaid/postpaid billing has shifted completely and a centralized charging architecture has become the staple of successful telecom billing systems.

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6 Criteria Telecom Billing Systems Need to Pass for MVNO Success

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have become an integral part of the telecom industry as they fulfill the requirements of subscribers who are not satisfied with the services of MNOs. But, being an MVNO in the present-day competitive world is not easy. Many MVNOs are conceptualized with great visions and seem to work well in the beginning, but they often struggle to maintain their momentum because of one reason or another. Whatever the reason may appear on the surface, the root cause of their problem lies in the telecom billing systems they employ.

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OSS Billing System

Turn Modern-Day Challenges to your Advantage with Advanced OSS and BSS services

OSS and BSS services play a key role in the day-to-day operations of telecom operators. While BSS performs management of orders, customers and revenue; OSS is responsible for core process-related tasks like service delivery, network management and provisioning along with order fulfillment. However, the role of both these quintessential telecom systems has evolved considerably in the recent past. An increase in the number of services and subscribers has compelled telcos to look for telecom billing systems that can scale both vertically and horizontally.

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