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Reduces your MVNO’s Struggles with Top Telecom Billing Systems

An MVNO needs to perform many functions to stay tenable in the current competitive world. But it can be a major struggle for companies that do not have the necessary technical expertise and connections within the industry. As an MVNO does not own a lot of infrastructure of its own (hardware resources and networking devices), it depends on the support from vendors in different verticals. It has to manage various partnerships and monetary transactions that take place in every association. This can all be done easily via top OSS software telecom solutions designed for MVNOs.

Key Features of Top Telecom Billing Systems for MVNO Benefit

With top telecom billing systems for MVNOs, you can access the following features and minimize your day-to-day struggles:

Integrate databases, associate with new vendors and enhance your MVNO process via APIs

If you are finding it hard to perform all your MVNO operations in-house, choose integrated B/OSS telecom billing systems that come with APIs for adding new functionalities. For example, associating with Telgoo5 provides you access to APIs that can integrate new databases like NLAD and allow you to use the services of payment gateways and shipping vendors.

Use Online Charging System (OCS) for charging all services in real-time

An OCS allows you to monetize all your services in real-time. So, you do not have to use different platforms for monetizing different services like postpaid, prepaid, IoT, IPTV etc. All the services are charged at a single platform and you are able to send fully-itemized bills to your subscribers. You can charge and rate every single service via OCS and perform completely transparent billing to win the trust of your customers.

Full reporting and analytics

For an MVNO, it is vital to understand what its subscribers are going through and what they are feeling. At Telgoo5, we provide complete reporting of every customer interaction with the system. Our system is enhanced with analytics and provides you timely insights about your subscribers that can be used for gaining a business edge.

Completely secure connectivity and subscriber information

For MVNOs to succeed, they need to create trust amongst their subscribers. This can only be done if you offer completely secure services like secure data connectivity for IoT. Also, you need a platform that ensures complete safety of every piece of subscriber information.

At Telgoo5, we implement high level of data security via our telecom software solutions and provide unique public IP address for every IoT connection.

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