Simplify Complex Billing Tasks with Telecom Billing Software

Being a telecom professional, I have been questioned many times about the trustworthiness of telecom billing. Whenever my friends or relatives get a bill that they think is too high, they call me up and tell me how they hardly ever use their phone and only make short calls. It’s another matter that these calls are frequent, last for over an hour sometimes and I am the one who is striving to end them. Alas, the customer is always right!

It is often hard to satisfy customers, especially in the current state of affairs, when the telecom market is probably at its competitive apotheosis. All good logics stop being useful when there is a cheaper service available that promises better quality calls and higher data rates. So, should we truly consider that the customer is always right or believe in the telecom billing software solutions employed by us and stand up for what is right? I agree with the latter and it is all because of the trust I have in the telecom OSS solutions that we use today.

Telecom Billing Software: The Lifeline of Telecom Industry

With new customers joining the network frequently and many individuals using more than one SIM, the number of subscribers in the telecom industry has reached an all-time high. The task of keeping a record of all the interactions that go on between the user and the service provider has become tougher than ever before. Given the magnitude of the task at hand, the telecom billing software solutions have become extremely important. If you are wondering how these billing solutions get the job done, then have a look at some of their implications in crucial telecom billing tasks:

  1. One of the biggest gripes customers have had with the billing system has been the lack of transparency and clear bifurcation of various charges that make up the total bill amount. Telecom billing software allows for complete itemization of the bill, so that customer knows exactly for which services he has been charged for. Whenever my friends doubt the bill amount they receive, I tell them to subscribe for itemized bill over emails and get clarity (I am all for saving paper). Most of them do not call me back after seeing the bill details.
  2. Once my father-in-law asked me that he hasn’t received the 5% rating time discount over the international call he made to me. I had to clarify to him that this 5% rating time discount covers only the first hour of any international call. As he had already exceeded the time limit before he made the call to me, it wasn’t applicable in this particular case. If he was getting a billing time 5% discount than the offer would have been applicable on all the calls.

The fact that billing system can automatically differentiate between the  various discounts and offers provided by the service provider makes it a reliable and convenient mode to track complex transactions.

The above mentioned implications are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the usefulness of telecom billing software. When combined with other telecom OSS solutions, it works wonders in the overall billing and customer tracking activities. For those of you who do not know about OSS, it is a system that performs back-office processes and ensures proper operation of a telecom service provider’s network.

OSS and BSS Integration

In the past, OSS and BSS were seen as two distinct entities with one dependent over another. Formerly, BSS used to capture customer details and forwarded it to OSS for completion. Nowadays, the demarcation is not clear and most telecom billing services employ an OSS/BSS paradigm that performs remarkably well in better implementation of the following systems:

Service Assurance System – OSS/BSS liaison allows for pro-active identification of network failure along with notification of priority customers. This ensures service providers can nip the problem in the bud, unlike in the past, when they came to know about a failure much later.

Service Management System – With greater interactions between OSS and BSS operations, it is possible to complete a service order that involves multiple OSS systems. With OSS and BSS integration, a team that interacts with customer becomes better equipped as they get access to real-time information about progression of a task and delivery problems.


Develop brand loyalty with BSS Solutions

One may say that loyalty has become a rare virtue in today’s modern times. With too many options to choose from, it is easier than ever to get confused and keep hopping from one to the other. But deep down inside, everybody prefers to settle and be stable. Loyalty is actually comfortable because it saves us from dilemmas of decision making each time. We are all looking for somebody dependable and trustworthy, not just in relationships but also in business!

We all want to find reliable products, which we can buy without a second thought. Products that promise us quality!

And if ever we face any troubles with the product, then there would be a good customer service to help us through.

So as customers, the essential things which we are looking for are:

  • Ease of buying the product
  • Ease in using the product
  • Easy resolution in case of any troubles with the product

 And if a customer finds all these three together, then they automatically become loyal to the product. Or the brand should we say!

 The brand loyalty is not easy to come by. A company ought to strengthen its business support system if it wants to be the stronger player in business.

A company should opt for a customized BSS solution that is able to compress complex functions into a simple user-interface. Like in the case of telecom solutions, if all the services requested by the customer like activation of connection, activation of VAS, billing etc. can be performed without much hassle, then the customer will definitely prefer this brand, again and again.

So the companies which want to develop brand loyalty must focus on integrating their business functions. The backbone of OSS and BSS billing solutions makes a business taller in the market than the rest.

An OSS solution that guarantees quality provisioning

Our CareTel software is designed to serve only the best provisioning facilities, as was recently acknowledged by one of our longstanding clients. They said that our solution was by far the most easy to manage and easy to implement. And we told them that the credit for this goes firstly to our congenial Call Center Agents, and secondly to our feature-rich CareTel software which guarantees the highest quality of provisioning.
Whether the customer is a postpaid mobile service subscriber or a prepaid one, we ensure that they get immaculate and hassle-free provisioning facilities like activation, suspension, renewal or any other requirement. Few of the features that set our service a class apart and make us the distinguished oss and billing solution provider are:

  • Technologically superior with XML and EDI

Our solution is enabled by the support from Extensible Markup Language as well as Electronic Data Interchange. So we are able to commission the services online without an interface.  Our provisioning system is independent, powered by ILEC. We strictly do not depend on a third party vendor for it and perform our own independent provisioning. Our systems are presently aligned with AT&T Midwest, Southeast, West, Qwest (XML), Verizon West and East.

  •  Cost effective

You will discover, if you compare our charges for services with other OSS billing vendors, that we provide the most reasonably priced services for most enriched services. So you truly get a complete value for money when you outsource oss and telecom billing to CareTel!

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning

We provide you fully automated provisioning in which our software will perform the functions with complete adherence to your rules. CareTel offers 100% ZTP.

  • Complete Order Processing and simultaneous automated Billing

Once you feed the orders received from the customers into CareTel system, you don’t have to worry about the order fulfillment. Like in the situation when a customer has placed order for activation of connection from next month, the Agent just has to set the date for activation into CareTel. The connection will automatically be turned active on the given day. And after the order is fulfilled, a bill and a status update shall be generated by the software system and delivered to the Agent. This feature ensures that the customer always gets the promised service on time.

  • Dial up and Long Distance Calls Provisioning

CareTel software can perform all provisioning functions like activation, suspension or renewal for dial-up and long distance calling, unlike many other oss billing service providers.

  • Holistic management

CareTel software stores all the Call Detail Records, the Daily Use Feeds in an organized manner. All the duplicate files are detected so that Agents may delete them if required. CareTel functions as a thoroughly integrated Customer and Billing (CAB) solution, easy to manage and easy to implement.

With these features, no wonder our client is impressed with our provisioning service and extended its contract further for a period of 5 years!

CareTel cares for Agents too!

Every business makes tall claims of customer care. Some say they would like to treat their customers as kings and others say they will be available even in midnight – round the clock, for customer service. But it is ironic how the business forgets to care for own Employees. The employees who serve in the Call Centers or Telecom Billing institutions are called as Agents. Yes, yes the spy heroes are also called as Agents but this post is not about them. We are talking about how a telecom company can care for its Agents by making their job easier to do.
CareTel the custom-made OSS Billing software, which can further be customized as per your specific requirements, is the notable telecom billing solution which cares not just for the customers but also for the Agents. How? CareTel has the following features to make the life easier for Agents:

  • Portal for Agents

The Agents get complete information about the customers’ account, the services subscribed by them, any new service requests, details of their invoice, the payments already made, everything online! They can also see the commission reports on the web through this portal. Obviously the access to this portal is restricted strictly to Agents.

  • Locator system for Agents

Many times the customers are required to meet an Agent to exchange documents or for verification. As an Agent based in a different city than the customer, co-coordinating this meeting becomes a difficult task which starts with contacting the branch office of another city and then fixing up the whole thing. CareTel makes it simple with its Agent Locator where data is fed about locations of all the Agents, and one can easily contact the one closest to the customer.

  • Commission platform for Agents

The Agents are often driven by commissions and they play a big role in motivating them to achieve targets. With an in-built platform for processing of commission amount through ACH or Credit Card, the Agents get their earned commissions conveniently.

That is why if you are a business who cares for own Agents also, then go for CareTel!

Pre-paid and Post-paid Telecom Billing Solutions made easy by CareTel OSS software – Part-2

The previous blog described how OSS could work like a magic wand to simplify the pre-paid billing process. This blog will spell out how the magic of OSS extends to post-paid services.
So here is what you get with CareTels post-paid OSS billing solution:

  • All Inclusive Pricing, with Tax

The software can be customized so that the final bill includes various taxes as well as surplus charges.

  • Processing of Daily Usage File

A post-paid essentially records the total usage of a customer in a given month. This is computed by adding up all the Daily Usage and this record is maintained on a daily basis, in case the customer requires. These DUF files can be downloaded as many times. And the charges can be calculated and updated regularly, depending on the plan of the user – like 3-way calling or calling of 411, making local and international outbound calls and texts etc.

  • Processing of Call Detail Records

Similar to the DUF, the files of CDRs are also regularly updated daily.

  • Late Fees

You can set the criteria for a late fee, and the software will automatically add it up in the charges. The software also generates a list of the defaulting customers who will have to pay up a late fee, and they are also emailed about the same.

  • Customized Scheduled Billing

Typically post- paid bills are computed on a monthly basis. But in case the customer requires daily, weekly, fortnightly billing, it can be easily done! Now you can give the liberty of deciding the billing cycle to your customers. Rest assured, each billing cycles goes through a double checked for its correctness. It is never posted before a quality audit is done.

  • Tax

Whatever be the tax rating, the CareTel software can easily calculate it. It has information of more than 90 percent of tax ratings fed within its billing system.

  • Print from anywhere

Unlike many OSS billing solution providers, we do not have any contract that binds you to print your bills from us. You are free to choose any vendor as per your convenience for printing.

  • Carrier Access Billing Facility

Our intelligent CereTel software can sieve out the non-billable calls from the list of billable calls. The process for DUFs and CABs billing can be optimized they way you want, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

  • E-Bill

We believe in saving our trees, saving our environment and therefore saving paper. We offer the facility of providing an e-Bill, which is directly sent to the customers through an e-mail.  This e-bill is integrated with the online payment solution as well so that the entire transaction can be done effortlessly with a few clicks.
So whether you want pre-paid services or post-paid services, CareTel is your one-in all solution!

Value Added Service management simplified by OSS-BSS billing solutions

All the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are actually not just that. Besides communication, they are also a source of entertainment to the mobile users. Every telecom corporation offers various products like ringtones, caller tunes from popular movie songs, music albums to their customers. These are apart from their regular talk time recharge and are also billed separately. Such services are called as Value added services (VAS).

OSS and BSS software which maintain the individual billing of each mobile user can be used for easy management of VAS billing also.

The best thing about VAS is that it has very low Total cost of ownership (TCO) for the company. They can obtain the song’s distribution rights for a nominal sum. And CSPs are able to earn very high Return on Investment (ROI) by selling the song to millions of customers. At Caretel, we provide integrated telecom billing services with VAS for our CSP clients.

So add valuable revenue to your business with VAS, and manage it simply with OSS and BSS solutions.