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Introduction To CareTel

The pressure on the telecom industry continues to build due to a constant increase in the number of customers using telecom services. While every telecom service provider looks forward to business growth on a global scale, the customers expect excellent services. In this situation, a service provider needs to deliver consistent performance. At present, the efficiency of billing system is a critical aspect for the success of a telecom company. This is the reason companies providing telecom services need cohesive business solutions that cover every aspect of their business. Telecom billing solutions keep an account of every byte of information that flows through the network when a customer uses the service of a telecom company.

We are a global billing & OSS solutions company. We focus on providing efficient billing solutions to its clients from the telecom industry. We offer an extensive range of service solutions that enable integration of different business aspects like provisioning, management, charging, billing and service delivery.

We completely understand that the use of more than one billing solutions hampers the productivity and workflow of an organization. The company offers a single, integrated service platform that enables simultaneous management of different services functions. Our telecom billing software, CareTel aims to streamline all the billing activities of your business. Be it local, long distance, ISP or cellular services, the software ensures that all the functions are carried out efficiently.

You are not alone at any step of the billing procedure. Our telecom billing services assist you from the beginning of the process. This enables consolidation and provides you with a simplified and comprehensive solution. We understand that you best know your business requirements. Our OSS billing solutions are customized to your unique business needs. These solutions can easily fit into your business model leaving no scope for any kind of adjustment. The flexibility of our OSS billing solutions allows them to deliver what is expected.

Our company aims to provide quality telecom billing OSS solutions that work together with the other functions of your business. We support our clients whenever they face any kind of difficulty in the use or deployment of billing software. Our technical support team provides you with technical assistance if you face any kind of problem while using these solutions. You can focus on your business growth while CareTel takes care of the complicated billing procedure.