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Telecom Billing Software
We provide you with billing solutions that perfectly support both postpaid and prepaid services.

Telecom Billing Software

Billing is not another accounting activity

Billing is the most crucial aspect of the services of a telecom company. It accounts for the overall revenue of a company and makes it possible for the organization to analyze the overall profitability of a product or service. A new telecom service or product is introduced in the market every other day. This has an impact on the customer base as well as the overall functionality of the company. In addition, fierce competition in the market makes efficient customer management critical for companies. Consequently, the need for a flexible and comprehensive telecom billing software arises.

We understand that a telecom company often has thousands of customers who need to be billed for their services. Moreover, every customer expects accurate billing as well as prompt service. This makes providers of telecom services look for efficient telecom billing systems. We provide you with billing solutions that perfectly support both postpaid and prepaid services. Our innovative billing platform has exclusively been designed to organize complex billing activities

We know that billing is not limited to calculation of expenses

Telecom service providers need an inclusive solution that fulfils all your billing requirements. We offer real-time solutions that provide assistance to you at every step of billing. In addition, our robust infrastructure makes sure that round-the-clock support is available to clients. Moreover, our telecom billing software streamlines all your business processes. This enables an increase in your revenue.

Our billing software, CareTel offers real-time technical assistance. We have a committed workforce that makes sure that the telecom billing OSS solutions deployed by an organization do not cause any kind of difficulty. You can contact our team whenever you face a problem. Our team would troubleshoot all your problems before they affect your workflow. Our billing & OSS software support you with:

We provide a telecom company with all the billing services it needs. We know that requirements differ from organization to organization. Our billing solutions can adapt to your unique business requirements. Irrespective of your business model or software architecture, our billing services support all your needs. Any service representative can access the details of a customer's bill at any time of the day. This enhances the credibility of your company as a customer comes to know the details of his bill as and when required.