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Stay Ready for 5G with Innovative Telecom Software Solutions

Thoughtfulness is very important in a business operation. One has to strategize for the future, in order to get the best returns. When it comes to the telecom domain, there is an exigent need to access cutting-edge solutions that are built for the future. Especially now, when the 5G beckons, it is imperative that your billing platform and B/OSS telecom software solutions are ready to fulfil the requirement.

Key Transformations and Aspects of 5G Development

5G brings with itself new possibilities. There are many aspects of 5G that need to be addressed withOSS and BSS services. Have a look:

Slicing of network

Network slicing in 5G gives great opportunities to MVNOs to develop tailor-made offerings for different use cases. Network slicing allows the 5G network to be segmented, which lets an MNO to run different dedicated connectivity services. It is a great upgrade on the monolithic 4G implementations. The flexibility achieved with network slicing can be a major game changer in the industry. So, if you are an MVNO, then choose a telecom software solutions provider that has the framework, resources and vision to support 5G-related innovations.

Virtualization of network functions

For a long-time, the evolved front-end applications have relied on legacy B/OSS framework. But with 5G, we will see a shift to Network Function Virtualization (NFV). This technology will allow for the creation of virtual resources and expedite service delivery. More and more businesses will shift to the cloud environment. An OSS and BSS services provider like Telgoo5 that already has pre-established partnerships in place with Azure and AWS can become a major asset for your business.

Increasing need for APIs

The business structure would need to be more agile and MVNOs should be able to adapt to changes faster, if they want to succeed with the 5G tech. All this can be done with APIs. Most plug and play APIs offered by Telgoo5 can provide you new functionalities within an instant. Especially when it comes to the reusability of existing resources and growth in different verticals, APIs are simply priceless.

Microservices requirement will grow

With 5G blossoming in the future, the centralized charging components would face excessive load. There will be a need to move the charging tech to the edge of the network. The charging functions will be distributed and much smaller than the existing ones. At the same time, the meditation systems would go through great changes. All in all, the number of requirements in front of telcos especially MVNOs will grow exponentially.


The pressure on telecom resources will rise at a fast rate. And, you simply cannot wait to scale if you want to rise above the competition. A complete scalable multi-tenant platform is the need of the hour. At Telgoo5, we are well-prepared to scale exactly as per the requirements of your business and can help you fulfill the unforeseen 5G demands.

Compliance with FCC

In order to perform your work peacefully, you need a vendor that stays abreast of the FCC guidelines and regulations. It is also connected with popular databases like NLAD and can help you deliver services to subscribers that fall under the category.

AI and Reporting

Telgoo5 systems are integrated with cutting-edge AI, which provides valuable insights for your business. It also offers a slave database to its subscribers that can be used by them for accessing all the reports with regards to their business. The in-depth reports are sourced from the master server directly.

Telgoo5 is a coveted telecom software solutions platform that can help you in your every endeavor related with 5G. It has the technology, vision and tenacity to handle high demands and deliver accordingly.

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