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Hire Telecom Billing Specialist and Bring Your Services to Market Quickly

A telecom billing specialist can be a great asset for telcos. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) can benefit greatly from partnering with a specialist that knows telecom billing inside out.

How a Telecom Billing Specialist Can Help?

The state of competition in the telecom industry is very unsettling for many operators. Telcos who do not have the means to come up with interesting services packages for their subscribers have absolutely no chance. In these testing times, a telecom billing specialist can help in the following ways:

  • It can eliminate the burden of managing several customer profiles, and leave you free to promote and market your brand
  • Allows you to stack up different services as part of interesting packages
  • Access to billing solutions that monetize services quickly
  • Faster launch of plans allows you to beat the competition
  • Charging, rating, management of tariff, taxation and discounts as per your choice
  • Calculation of charges incurred by subscribers and printing of invoices

Telecom billing can be systemized and simplified when you partner with a self-sufficient telecom billing specialist.

Critical Telecom Billing Requirements

The techniques and technology for telecom billing has changed in the past few years. Not so long ago, Offline Charging System (OFCS) and Intelligent Network (IN) systems were used for telecom billing. But these monolithic systems have no use now. Right now, you need modern billing systems to fulfill telecom billing requirements. A comprehensive vendor of telecom services can provide you telecom billing as well as telecom OSS solutions under one platform. Have a look at some of the most critical features required for today’s telecom billing:


There is absolutely no substitute for convergence. It can be implemented via an Online Charging System (OCS). The OCS can charge and rate every service, and help you generate completely convergent invoices that reflect every single charge in a bifurcated manner. Also, the OCS has the capability to charge services based on events and sessions, thus providing the necessary flexibility for a multitude of services prevalent in the telecom domain.

Enforcement of credit limits

The range of telecom services is increasing day by day. As new tech like IoT become popular, it has become all the more important to enforce credit limits rigorously. A telecom billing specialist like Telgoo5 can provide you a flawless platform for enforcing credit limes. The centralized OCS can be used for enforcing credit limits diligently and preventing customers from exceeding their data limits. Without the right enforcement of credits, you will face many disputes and your customer support team will always stay engaged in heated conversations with the subscribers.


Not only for telecom billing, APIs are important in many other tasks. If you have any new requirement, you can install an API to fulfill it without any need for changing your telecom billing software. For example, you can install a simple API to get access to a shipping vendor or payment gateway or even integrate a new database like NLAD.


The billing system stores vast amount of critical customer information like credit card, debit card and account number along with billing and email address. If the system is not secured properly, then this information has a chance of getting compromised, which can have serious implications for your business.


The vast amount of data flowing through the billing systems require high-end servers with large storing and processing capabilities. Each and every transaction has to be done with great care, which is only possible if the system can bear heavy load in the present and in the future. At, you get the best billing and OSS telecom solutions for your business. We have a 24×7 NOC team on standby to help you whenever there is a need.

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