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Why Telecom Software Solutions Are Pivotal for Telco Success?

Telecom industry is going through one transformation after another with the launch of new technologies. For a telecom operator, it is essential to keep up with the emerging changes and deliver services that are pertinent to the modern-day subscribers. This is where telecom software solutions come into the picture. A platform that is intuitive and user-friendly allows telecom operators to conceptualize better telecom offerings, which is essential for their success.

The Ideal Deal for Success in Telecom Industry

Partnering with a telecom software solutions vendor that has already delivered successful projects can help you with a range of billing and telecom operations. A perfect balance of billing efficiency and telecom OSS solutions is the recipe for business success. Below are some ideal features of telecom software solutions that can make them the real deal for your business:

Appropriate management of customer experience

The way customers are treated often decides whether they will stay with you or choose someone else. Hence, it is important to manage their experience while they use the services provided by you. It is important that the telecom software solutions are equipped with analytics functionality to deliver relevant insights that can be utilized for forming future business strategies.

Support for applications and maintenance

The recurring maintenance charges can put a major dent in the earnings of a telecom operator. Hence, it is important to employ the services of telecom software solutions providers that can help you eliminate bottlenecks and lower the recurring maintenance charges of the B/OSS platform. A veteran like Telgoo5 has all the right resources to not only bring down the costs; it can also help you reduce the complexity of operation by offering you relevant APIs (Application Programmable Interface). An API lets you access vendor partnerships without actually getting in touch with a supplier yourself. It is also possible to integrate databases, IVR solutions and a whole lot of functionalities to improve the quality of telecom operations.

Convergent billing for simplifying invoice creation

The number of services in the telecom industry is growing at a rapid rate. Therefore, it has become important to monetize them appropriately and bill them using a unified platform. Telgoo5 employs a centralized charging architecture and uses an Online Charging System (OCS) for charging and billing every modern-day telecom services like prepaid, postpaid, broadband, IPTV etc. The OCS charges each telecom service in real-time and allows for the creation of a single invoice that reflects every single charge for every single service used. Convergent billing promotes transparency in billing and fosters customer trust.

Complete reporting

A telecom operator requires information about every minor detail of its operation. At Telgoo5, you get complete reporting capabilities. It offers access to a slave database i.e. is directly updated by a master database and offers a look into the nitty-gritty of a telecom operation. Telecom software solutions offered by Telgoo5 let you keep a tab on each and every facet of your operations with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


The scope of telecom services can expand at just about any time, which is why; you require completely scalable telecom software solutions that let you fulfill any requirement conveniently. Telgoo5 is a completely scalable platform that offers all the cutting-edge functionalities and allows MVNOs to pave their way towards success.

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