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Unearthing the Real Valuable Traits of Telecom Software Solutions

As competition increases between companies in the telecom industry, telcos are at a juncture where they need to push for innovations that can actually make a difference. The pressure to come up with creative offerings is immense, especially on smaller virtual operators that go by the name of MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). As these operators cater to a smaller customer base, they are at a higher risk of losing their complete revenue source due to subscriber indifference. Hence, the need to invest in telecom software solutions that can actually make a difference is high.

What Are the Key Traits of Telecom Software Solutions?

Telecom software solutions are highly coveted entities that shape the way a telecom operator runs its business. For an MVNO, it is possible to procure OSS and BSS services as part of a telecom software solutions offered by their partnering MVNE or telecom services vendor. However, it is only worthwhile one’s time and efforts, if the telecom software solution is integrated with the latest features and then some. To stay one step ahead of competition, a virtual operator has to stay one step ahead of the innovation curve with software that has the following traits:

  1. Convergence in billing – One of the foremost requirements of an MVNO is convergence in billing. Without convergence, it won’t be possible to bring in transparency into the billing process, which will further alienate the already-cautious millennials who form a major chunk of the modern-day subscriber base. Convergence implemented via a centralized charging platform like OCS (Online Charging System) allows prepaid and postpaid services – charged, rated and billed – at the the same place. It also enables telcos to generate invoices that reflect traditional service charges (voice, data, SMS) as well as new-age service charges (IoT).
  2. Reporting and analytics capabilities – A telecom operator that has complete control over reporting always knows about its strong and weak points. It can unearth subscriber usage patterns and form future strategies that are in line with what the customers actually want. By employing ossbilling, a revolutionary MVNO and MVNE platform, the operators get a slave database that is directly updated by a master database. All the reports are readily available to the MVNOs and to make matters even better, the platform comes with inbuilt-analytics. The analytics allow pertinent information to MVNOs, which is trustworthy and allows them to bundle a range of services as plans that immediately grab subscribers’ attention.
  3. Scalability and multi-tenancy – To ensure maximum resource utilization, it is essential to have a multi-tenant platform that allows for multiple accesses by different users via unique logins. The rightful implementation of multi-tenancy is key to MVNO success. Also, it is important that the MVNO platform is scalable enough to accommodate the present and future technologies along with an ever-growing subscriber base. Telgoo5 has both these requirements covered.


Telecom software solutions are required for accurate billing and performance of day-to-day OSS and BSS services. With ossbilling, you get an amazing convergent platform that allows for the creation of a single invoice (with all service charges) and at the same time can be used for accomplishing multiple essential operations of MVNOs. By helping an MVNO launch innovative service packages, it allows them to grab subscriber attention. Also, it features loads of APIs that can be accessed for enabling amazing functionalities on the fly.  

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