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Turn Modern-Day Challenges to your Advantage with Advanced OSS and BSS services

OSS and BSS services play a key role in the day-to-day operations of telecom operators. While BSS performs management of orders, customers and revenue; OSS is responsible for core process-related tasks like service delivery, network management and provisioning along with order fulfillment. However, the role of both these quintessential telecom systems has evolved considerably in the recent past. An increase in the number of services and subscribers has compelled telcos to look for telecom billing systems that can scale both vertically and horizontally.

The Limitation of Standard OSS and BSS services

Considering the new requirements, the present-day OSS and BSS has some limitations:

  1. Outages that may cause disruption of service because of disintegrated Information Technology systems
  2. Lengthy market cycles
  3. Inflexible coupling of design and system
  4. Rise in complexity due to frequent application of entitlements, VAS and thresholds

Overcome Limitations with Flexible Cloud-Based Telecom Billing Systems

A quality cloud-based Telecom billing system has great potential for improving any telcos operation. Below are some advantages of a cutting-edge cloud-based system, which helps you overcome the limitations:

  1. Unlike an on-premise telecom billing system, a cloud-based system does not require you to perform regular maintenance or upgrades on the system. Performing these tasks can take your focus away from your core competencies, which may hinder your work in the longer run. This is why; cloud-based services are a great option for those operators that have very little time on their hands.  
  2. The time it takes to bring a service into the market is drastically reduced when you employ a cloud-based system. Especially when the system is offered via a trusted platform like Telgoo5 that allows for APIs, you can overcome any limitation by installing an API. For example, if you have a need to connect your IVR or use the services of a payment gateway, a well-made API can help your cause.
  3. Cloud-based telecom billing systems can be easily integrated into any type of telecom operation with the use of an API. Also, these solutions allow for reusability of the same module and reduce the efforts.
  4. When your subscriber grows and you are not able to address their needs immediately, you are at a risk of losing them to the competition. Scaling can be a very difficult task for an on-premise telecom billing operation. The cost of new server hardware can destabilize the whole operation. But when you employ cloud-based services from a trusted provider, you are able to increase the scale immediately. This helps you build trust amongst new subscribers, and you are able to recoup the money spent on an increased cloud subscription from the new revenue streams.


A rise in the competition and launch of new services frequently has rendered traditional B/OSS model inefficient for carrying out telecom operations. A better alternative is cloud-based telecom billing system, which not only reduces capital investment but also helps an operator maintain its focus on its core competencies. At Telgoo5, you get access to a cloud-based telecom billing system, which is completely reliable and can be integrated into any telecom operation conveniently.

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