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Employ Top Telecom Billing Systems in the Cloud for Complete Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a necessary requirement of all modern-day businesses. The amazing benefits it provides in all aspects of business make the effort made for the transformation completely justifiable. With telcos opening their eyes towards the advantages of digital transformation, we are seeing them shift to new and improved telecom billing software.

The Clear and Present Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation by making a move to cloud offers tremendous benefits for a business operation. Have a look at some of its advantages:

  1. Horizontal and vertical scalability – Cloud-based solutions allow you to expand your business according to the ever-changing requirements. Whether you want to provide additional services in the same vertical or launch completely new technologies, cloud-based solutions are a lot more flexible than on-premise solutions.
  2. Centralizes storage and ensures better convergence – A telecom billing software solution that comes with an OCS on the cloud serves as a centralized repository for storing all the charging, rating, subscriber and policy information. Despite the fact that some services are charged based on events and others on sessions, an OCS serves as a single platform for charging all of them. There is no need for charging prepaid and postpaid customers using different platforms. With a cloud-based OCS, all the charges incurred via all the services can be viewed and printed on a single fully-convergent invoice. This increases the transparency in billing and also allows your customer service department to address subscribers’ queries in a better way.
  3. Faster connectivity for tracking and charging newer services – Many new 5G and IoT business use cases require you to have low-latency and fast connections. A modern cloud-based OCS comes with low-latency connectivity that allows a telecom operator to effectively charge, rate and bill large amount of services in real-time.
  4. Ability to offer dynamic services – With top telecom billing systems by your side, you can easily launch useful services/discounts without doing too much by yourself. Case in point being, if a customer has exhausted his data pack 8 days before bill cycle ends, and needs a top-up of 50 GB, it would be unreasonable to offer him the data pack for 8 days only. But with a flexible cloud-based OCS, you can offer a separate top-up plan for the customer that can have its own expiration date. To accomplish this using a present-day OCS, you don’t have to do anything additional. The OCS will do the work for you and your customers will thank you for your gesture.
  5. Analytics for improved decision making – All telcos want to create the best offers for their customers, so they can improve their sales. However, in the past, they were always in the blind due to lack of analytics-embedded telecom billing software. But, nowadays, it is possible to procure an analytics-driven software solution that provides you continuous insights while it charges and bills the customers.

There are many cloud-based software solutions out there that can improve your telecom business operations. But, you should always select a software solution based on your exact business requirements. A cloud-based telecom billing software solution that can be launched on the private, public or hybrid platform offers you more flexibility. Procuring such a software solution makes your move to the cloud platform simple.

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