Launch Attractive Plans before Your Competition with Top Telecom Billing Systems

The way the telecom industry works these days, launching the best service does not always translate into profits. It is your ability to understand the pulse of the market and launching plans at the right time – before your competition – is what clinches the deal with the customers. Especially if you are an MVNO or a small player in the telecom industry, you do not always have to spend millions before you taste success. The sweet recipe of success lies in partnering with the right telecom billing systems vendors who have top telecom billing systems to back your vision.

Top Telecom Billing Systems: What to Look For?

All telecom billing systems vendors promote their billing systems in the best possible way, which makes it very hard for anyone to select the one that fits their requirements. Below is a guide that can help you make the right decision:

top telecom billing systems

  1. A billing system that allows for monetization of all the present and future services/partnerships – Telecom industries’ major revenue stream i.e. calls and SMS have almost reached a saturation point in terms of growth. Data speed is also supposed to reach its apotheosis with the full-fledged launch of 5G. With vertical growth almost complete, it’s time for the operators to look elsewhere. As OTT (Over the Top) services grow in appeal, this is the right time to partner with vendors that have rich media content. Also, it is time to focus on rampant technologies like IoT, which is supposed to grow leaps and bounds in the coming decade. Hence, you need a telecom billing software solution that lets you monetize your future partnerships. The quicker your billing solution can be tuned in with the new services, the faster you will be able to launch your plans.
  2. A billing system on the cloud – Cloud computing has become a major phenomenon in the IT industry and it is high time that the telecom industry makes the most of it. Moving your billing to the cloud has two major advantages: scalability and security. A scalable telecom billing system allows you to launch multiple combinations of services in different packages to different regions. You can even test the impact of your plans by first launching a pilot plan for a restricted user base and then upon tasting success, you can increase the scale to meet the requirements of a larger base. On top of scalability, top telecom billing systems provide you more security than any in-house billing system. In case, one of the sites where your billing information is stored is compromised, you always have the option to fall back on another site.
  3. Backward compatible and quickly launch able billing system – Unlike bigger players in the market, MVNOs do not have the luxury of biding their time and being non-operational while they migrate to a new billing system. Therefore, you should associate with telecom billing systems vendors that can hold your hand and offer support while you change your billing system. Also, it is essential that the billing system is backward compatible with your older services, so you do not suffer losses during the switch.

Attract Unbanked Customers around the World by Using Top Telecom Billing Systems

In modern times, m-commerce has become all the rage due to an increase in the number of subscribers who make orders using their mobile phones. This new trend is catching on fast, which provides a wonderful opportunity for telcos to exploit it. As almost half of the world is unbanked (nearly 50% of people in the world do not have access to banking services), a telecom operator would be foolish to let go of the opportunity of tapping into this market. A great way to access the m-commerce market is by employing top telecom billing systems that provide a mobile wallet facility. Continue reading

Invest in Top Telecom Billing Systems for Enhancing Customer Experience

Given the nature of competition today, legacy billing systems are simply not enough. Most telecom operators that are still using older software solutions for their billing tasks are perplexed about making an investment in top telecom billing systems of today. Continue reading

What Makes Most Top Telecom Billing Systems a Bad Investment?

While browsing online, have you ever landed on a webpage that wants you to ‘Accept’ cookies? If you have, then you may recall you are provided two options to choose from. Whether you want to accept the cookies or decline them. In this case, most people choose to decline cookies. But, when the options are changed and an individual is asked to ‘Accept’ or ‘Configure Settings’, most choose to ‘Accept’ as they do not want to waste their time. Case in point being, people can be fooled by the presentation.

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The same is the case with many top telecom billing systems that portray themselves as the savior of your business, but in the fine print under their long advertisement page, they sell you things that you don’t need. Continue reading