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Get Ready for 5G Innovation with OSS Software Telecom

There is no easy way to say this but 5G is going to be a hard nut to crack for many operators. Especially Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) would find it very hard to manage OSS and BSS services along with telecom billing. But the good new is: you can get through the troubles if you have a futuristic OSS software telecom.

The Intricate Field of 5G and its Challenges

5G has many complex requirements. Due to its extra bandwidth, it can entail more than one connection over a single physical network connection. The phenomenon is called network slicing. Due to this feature, it is possible for an organization to manage different connections with different QoS parameters. Below are some variations of 5G connectivity solutions based on QoS:

  • mMTC – It is an efficient IoT platform that is suitable for ensuring prolonged sensor run time. The bandwidth requirement is low but the number of served connections will be large. So, in cases where there are multiple IoT sensors that are hard to charge every day, mMTC connection types becomes the best choice.
  • emBB – Itis a large-bandwidth connectivity type, which is suitable for AR and VR platforms.
  • URLLC –Itis a low-latency platform. It is suitable for online gaming and business implementation where there is a need for real-time data transfer.

All these services need to be monetized, provisioned, tracked, charged and rated by comprehensive top telecom billing systems that meet the 3GPP technical specifications.

Transparent and Accurate 5G Billing Platform

5G services are going to be expensive, and you need to be completely accountable for them. Making errors can lead to a loss of customer trust. With the best telecom billing systems, you can easily enforce credit limits and at the same time maintain accuracy.

5G along with IoT is a game changer for both customers and telecom operators. But it can only work well for a mainstream audience if it is cost-effective as well. The best telecom platforms like the one offered by OSS Billing use real-time charging platform like an OCS.

The OCS charges services in real-time and allows for consolidated billing. It also provides great results in terms of cost-effectiveness and security. With an OCS as the base of your telecom billing system, you can build better business strategies to attract your customers towards your brand. OSS Billing also provides APIs that offer turnkey functionalities. The APIs are simple to install and work straightaway.

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