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Get Your Online Billing Sorted with Top Telecom Billing Systems

The quality of online billing decides your customers’ happiness and satisfaction. In this day and age, when customers are spoilt for choices, you need top telecom billing systems to ensure that they get accurate invoices with easy-to-understand description of charges. The latter is harder to achieve because it requires a dedicated Online Charging System.

The Need to Invest in Top Telecom Software Solutions

Top telecom software solutions, like the one provided by OSS Billing can be a worthy addition to your repertoire. Instead of going for different OSS software telecom, BSS solutions and billing solutions; it is much better to look for a comprehensive platform that can handle everything.

Not only do you need a real-time OCS, but also one that works exactly as per 3GPP specifications. True real-time performance is necessary for minimizing revenue leakage. Some important aspects of a top-quality telecom platform are:

Convergent Charging

Convergent charging performed through a dedicated OCS helps in creating consolidated invoices that reflect every single charge clearly. Also, it ensures proper credit limit implementation, which is vital for preventing customer exceeding their allotted quota and incurring extra charges.

Flawless OSS and BSS Services

OSS and BSS services are crucial for proper operation of a telecom system. Independent provisioning performed by OSS Billing is fast and dependable. Moreover, you need a system that allows customers to order services online from just about anywhere in the world. Proper performance of business-related functions is the success mantra for new-age telecom operators.

Addition of New Functions with APIs

As new and new telecom technologies keep on entering the market, you would need new functionalities to meet the incoming demand. Application Program Interface (API) provides a simpler way to integrate new functionalities. You can add a new payment gateway or start utilizing a new shipping vendor partnership via APIs. And, it is all done very easily and efficiently because APIs are plug & play.

Comprehensive Reporting

Top vendors like OSS Billing generate 150 preset reports for their partners. Reporting is key to understanding customer and market behavior. The reports can be scheduled in an automated manner via FTP configuration.

Manual Intervention Facility

Although most tasks are automated by top billing platforms, you still need a way to manually intervene the day-to-day proceedings and perform some functions. For example, the software should provide you the control to add a new customer manually. Manual intervention capability is crucial in scenarios when software does not have the desired functionality to perform a specific action.

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