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Create Plans without Any Restriction with Flexible OSS Software Telecom

The service layer architecture in telecommunication has changed considerably due to the emergence of new requirements. As the value of staple services diminishes, the focus is on delivering a vast array of offerings. However, nowadays, there is not much to choose between two different telecom operators. Whether it is an MNO or MVNO, the offerings are almost similar with minor difference in quality. The only things that matter are: speed of service delivery, pricing, self-care options, billing and security of customer information. Therefore, the focus is no longer on infrastructure and hardware, but on telecom billing software and OSS software telecom along with data security.

Monetize Freely with Real-Time Telecom Software Solutions

With an Online Charging System (OCS) in the backdrop, it is possible to perform real-time billing. On top of that, you need complete revenue assurance to prevent revenue leakage. However, the most important aspect of telecom billing is flexibility in monetization and speed of service delivery.

A real-time OCS is the perfect instrument for fulfilling demand of customers. Nowadays, customers demand complete transparency that can be achieved with an OCS. An online charging system charges both event-based and session-based services at the same point, which means all the charges can be rated and calculated at the same place. Hence, telecom operators are able to create consolidated invoices i.e., postpaid, prepaid, broadband, IoT, video streaming services etc. can be billed at the same place and a single invoice can be generated. Top companies like OSS Billing are ideal for fulfilling real-time charging requirements of telecom operators.

Deliver Services on Time and Before Competitors

In today’s time, it is all about provisioning resources quickly so that customers can get onboard fast. Telecom software solutions that allow for automation and self-service are suitable for fast processing of orders and timely delivery to the customers.

Management-as-a-service model is being preferred over the older models. This change is necessary for the improvement of customer experience. There is also a heightened need to leverage analytics for complete business gains. With the power of analytics, a telecom operator can unearth customers’ buying patterns and preferences. More and more companies are shifting to text-based communication instead of direct phone support. This has a two-way advantage. Firstly, it brings down the cost of communication. Secondly, it allows every piece of communication to be recorded. The text-based data can be put through analytics for gaining regular insights about customer behavior.

Such an approach is followed by top vendors like OSS Billing. This approach helps in fetching regular insights about customers, which ultimately allows for the creation of better business strategies.

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