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Sort Out the Biggest Telecom Problems with Proven Telecom Software Solutions

OSS and BSS services along with telecom billing are the biggest responsibilities of telecom operators. A telecom operator can only survive in the competitive world of today by constantly evolving its services. Software and platform upgrades are vital for ensuring the right kind of service delivery. With cutting-edge telecom OSS solutions, it becomes possible for telecom operators to execute complex business strategies.

Five Crucial Functions of Telecom Software Solutions

Have a look at some crucial functions of telecom software solutions, which need to be executed in the best possible way:

Accurate revenue assurance

In order to win customers’ trust, you need to provide them the promised level of services. An OSS software telecom is needed that can help you in:

  • Transaction audit
  • Carrier billing reconciliation
  • Fixing revenue leakage
  • Constant innovation by leveraging analytics
  • Detection of frauds
  • Calculation of revenue via third parties

Easy to implement point of sale

Point of Sale feature is essential for managing inventory via telecom OSS solutions. It is possible to sell different products and at the same time make customer support representatives more productive.

Accurate charging, rating and billing

The entire billing process needs to be improved if you want to win customers’ trust and interest. There are a multitude of services that a telecom operator provides its customers. In the current times, apart from the regular calling and SMS services, it is essential to offer other services like IoT, video streaming, broadband etc. Therefore, a convergent and real-time Online Charging System (OCS) is needed. A convergent system charges every service at the same point and makes the creation of invoices simple.

Option for self-care

Present-day customers like to create their very own telecom services plans. They like the freedom of upgrading devices and service plans on their own. Hence, the telecom software solutions that you use should have the functionality to provide them the same. A multi-tenant platform like Telgoo5 is needed to provide separate logins to each subscriber. Through such a platform they can make the necessary changes to their plans, which will be ultimately reflected in the final subscription.

APIs for integrating new functionalities

Application Programmable Interface (API) is the best friend of telcos who want to constantly add new features into their telecom software without making expensive customizations. APIs allow for new partnerships and integration of databases. For example, you can use PayPal as your payment partner with a simple installation of the relevant API provided by the telecom services vendor.

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