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Fall in Line with New Requirements Faster with A Telecom Billing Specialist

Staying abreast of FCC rulings and ever-changing telecom rules and regulations is an important responsibility of a telecom operator. But to do that, it needs to divert its focus from its core operations like network management, maintenance and many other business and billing functions. Therefore, the role of a telecom billing specialist becomes increasingly important.

Staying Abreast of a Quickly Transforming Industry

For the early part of the 21st century, the changes in telecom industry were very rare. But as we entered the second decade, the influx of OTT vendors made the task of traditional telecom vendors difficult. With Whatsapp, Skype and Netflix eating into the revenue streams, the challenge for telcos has become even tougher.

However, things aren’t going to get easier any time soon as we are at the cusp of IoT and 5G revolution. This automatically means new changes in the US by FCC and other parts of the world by the relevant telecom regulatory bodies. It is difficult to envision telcos manage the vast scope of quickly-altering OSS software telecom and telecom billing systems requirements.

Gain an Edge by Partnering with a Proven Telecom Billing Specialist

There is an urgent need for next-gen telecom software solutions that adapt quickly as per changing requirements. There is a greater need for APIs that can add new functionalities without major software overhauls. Revenue assurance and dispute management will become even more important in the future. This will happen because of a rise of power in the hands of customers due to a rising competition from both within and outside the industry.

A telecom operator can meet all the challenges head-on if it has its OSS, BSS and telecom billing systems figured out. This is why you need a specialist like OSS billing as it can offer:

Truly revolutionary OCS

OCS is a mandatory requirement for succeeding in the current times. It should be next-gen and perform in true real-time i.e. the services should be charged instantly when they are used. It will allow for accurate billing, which is vital for modern-day customers.

Better revenue assurance

Customers should always be delivered what they were promised. Anything less, and you are at their mercy. Customers can walk out fast and leave your subscription, so consistent revenue assurance is an indispensable requirement.

At OSS Billing, we always stay one step ahead of our competition and provide the most suitable telecom software solutions to our clients.

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