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Exploit the Benefits of API-Powered Telecom Software Solutions

Telecom software solutions are the basis of today’s telecom operations. If one wants to thrive in today’s competitive industry, he has to stay abreast of the innovations that are ongoing. Due to the fast pace of technology development, many telcos cannot stay up to date in this regard. There focus remains on managing the infrastructure and hardware, while everything else takes a backseat in their planning. The result is often critical for a business. Whether it is telecom billing systems or OSS software telecom, the operators need to be proficient in both disciplines.

The Need for API in Telecom Software Solutions

Telecom software solutions can be a very expensive investment for telcos, especially virtual players in the market like MVNOs. The repeat cost of buying new software every time a new tech hits the market or when there is a requirement for new functionality can be debilitating for a business operation.

A telecom billing specialist that specializes in designing APIs can be a huge asset for a telecom operator that stays too busy with its core responsibilities or does not have the finances for frequent upgrades.

New functionalities can be brought into the fold, when you have access to top-class telecom billing systems powered by APIs.

How APIs Help?

Suppose, you want to integrate a new payment gateway. Or, want to access a new functionality via your legacy system. In both cases, an upgrade becomes important. But APIs eliminate this upgrade requirement and allow you to access these new features.

APIs can be used in various scenarios and they help you in:

  • Integrating a new database into your existing billing system
  • Other vendors can provide you their resources and you get to access them without major changes to your telecom billing systems
  • Saves time on frequent upgrades
  • Allows you to remove your capital expenditure on software

Other Necessary Features of Telecom Software Solutions

Telecom software solutions can be improved with APIs, but they need to have the following features for them to be considered useful in the current state of the telecom industry:

  • Convergent billing: Charging of every single telecom billing transaction at a single point via a real-time OCS
  • Scalability: Ability to scale and meet emerging requirements
  • Quick monetization: The services should be monetized quickly, so that strategies can be put into action for max business gains

At OSS billing, you get access to a wide range of telecom billing and B/OSS services via a single telecom software solution.

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