BSS Billing System

How a BSS Billing System Will Positively Impact Your Business

Within the last couple of years, there has been exponential growth in the telecommunications industry. This has resulted in a rise in demand for efficient BSS (Business Support System) billing systems. 

What Is A BSS Billing System?

A BSS billing system is the process of grouping and gathering the usage of telecom-related products or services for particular customers or accounts. Its main purpose is to efficiently record their transactions to store and record payments, send and produce invoices of payments made to client accounts. So how does this affect your business positively? The following is a breakdown to give you insight into the benefits of a BSS billing system. 

Electronic Billing Features

Offering subscribers a reliable and efficient mode of payment for all their telecom associated bills is a game-changer in the telecommunication industry. An efficient BSS billing system should offer subscribers with an E-bill option. This allows a subscriber to view their bills using digital devices like computers, tablets or smartphones.  

The feature will also allow the telecom provider to save money that would be spent printing bills and delivering them to subscribers. Money saved can be channeled to other uses to improve the overall operations of a company. 

Data Records Validation

Identification and elimination of all identical records is a characteristic of an efficient BSS billing system. Anti-duplicate protection is achieved when the system uses a unique number of data sets. The screening process makes sure there are minimal errors associated with the double billing of any account.  

Reduction of Billing Process Errors

The billing process in a telecom company is a complex undertaking. This is due to the different pricing plans such as daily billing, per-minute billing and so forth. Billing errors negatively affect a brand’s image. It may cause the company to lose its subscribers to its competitors. 

Offers Detailed Billing Data

All telecom providers are constantly searching for methods they can use to reduce their operating expenses. Detailed data from a BSS billing system offers the company data they can use for informed decision-making processes. 

A detailed billing report should include data expenses, message analytics (delivered, sent, received), call duration, and date and time when calls were made. All this data should be easily accessible by subscribers using their online login details. 

Management is Empowered with Reliable Data

An efficient and effective telecom billing system should be able to track all expenses including the rate of subscription, assets, and usage. The telecom management team can use this information to make more informed and better decisions on the operations and growth trajectory of the company. 

Easily Manage and Change Pricing Plans

Telecommunication companies often adjust their pricing tariffs. A good BSS billing system should allow easy implementation of new pricing tariffs. This should be done without disrupting on-going billing processes. 

Streamlines All Budgeting Processes

Telecom service providers can manage budgeting processes effectively by using an efficient BSS billing system. The system provides alerts by tracking the company’s clients. This allows the company to be informed in time if set milestones are exceeded. As a result, the company can quickly implement appropriate solutions to meet their stipulated ranges on expenses. 

Bottom Line

A BSS billing system is crucial for any telecom company to run efficiently. We have the best solutions that can be customized to meet your needs. Contact us today so we can develop an efficient BSS billing system to ensure your telecom business thrives. 

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