Why Your MVNO Needs a Carrier-Grade Telecom Billing System Software Solution?

The evolving landscape of telecom has posed new challenges for operators both big and small. The new requirements have posed great difficulty for operators that still rely on age-old billing systems. A major overhaul is needed to uplift the billing performance and it can be done by investing in a carrier-grade telecom billing system software solution.

MVNOs: In the Line of Fire

Customers have become extremely finicky these days and they do not want to settle on anything that is not the best. Customer awareness in this age of IT is at an all-time high and is one of the biggest reasons why operators cannot hide behind corporate bureaucracy. Especially for MVNOs, the situation is more urgent than anyone else. As they have a smaller customer base, they simply cannot bear the pain of losing customers. They have to keep their customers engaged with new offers and bundles, so they keep on coming back for more. As they are always in the line of fire, they need the help of a competent telecom billing specialist that can provide them a carrier-grade telecom billing system software solution.

3 Signs of Carrier-Grade Telecom Billing System Software

For an MVNO, it is best to partner with an MVNE that understands its every requirement. A capable MVNE that has served many MVNOs can offer the right kind of solution to perform telecom billing efficiently. Below are some signs of carrier-grade telecom billing system software that can help you bill your customers better:telecom billing system software

  1. Stacupk  different services in attractive bundles: As an MVNO receives telcos offerings at a reduced price; it is his responsibility to make them as attractive as possible for its subscribers. This can only be done if you can stack up as many services as you want in offers that appeal to your subscribers. For this, you need a flexible telecom billing system that is tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. The best way to ensure that you get a flexible solution is by studying the portfolio of your telecom billing specialist. Going through case studies and user testimonials can help you figure out if your future partner is capable of meeting your requirements. Telgoo5 is a reputed MVNE with a great track record; you can visit their website and have a look at the case studies to make up your mind.
  2. Complete convergence: Convergence in billing is what all subscribers crave for these days more than anything else. With so many telecom services available in the present time, it will be illogical to send them separate invoices for different services. A much better approach is to use an OCS system for charging and rating all services at the same place. This will allow you to send a single invoice with the description of all charges.
  3. Security and redundancy for disaster management: Anything stored online is susceptible to hack attack. So, to ensure that your cloud-based telecom billing software is not compromised by hack attacks, you need a telecom billing specialist that prioritizes security over everything else. Also, your billing system should have remote site redundancy for preventing vital billing information against natural disasters.
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