Why Your MVNO Needs a Carrier-Grade Telecom Billing System Software Solution?

The evolving landscape of telecom has posed new challenges for operators both big and small. The new requirements have posed great difficulty for operators that still rely on age-old billing systems. A major overhaul is needed to uplift the billing performance and it can be done by investing in a carrier-grade telecom billing system software solution. Continue reading

Enjoy New Charging Models and Vendor Partnerships with a Revolutionary OSS Billing System

Off late, telecom operators have found themselves under intense pressure to come up with innovative services to counter the threat posed by emerging competition. While some are wholeheartedly accepting the challenge, others are left befuddled by the complexity of the task at hand. Although the challenge is the same for everyone, the ones with an obsolete telecom billing system software are at a clear disadvantage. This is the main reason why; they are shying away from making the necessary changes. Continue reading