Enjoy New Charging Models and Vendor Partnerships with a Revolutionary OSS Billing System

Off late, telecom operators have found themselves under intense pressure to come up with innovative services to counter the threat posed by emerging competition. While some are wholeheartedly accepting the challenge, others are left befuddled by the complexity of the task at hand. Although the challenge is the same for everyone, the ones with an obsolete telecom billing system software are at a clear disadvantage. This is the main reason why; they are shying away from making the necessary changes.

Disadvantages of Traditional Telecom Billing System Software

Traditional telecom billing system software solutions were devised to address the requirements of elementary telecom services like voice and SMS. Although this software evolved with time and were able to accommodate newer services, their inherent lack of flexibility and inability to launch new offers and bundled services on the fly has made them a liability. The cost and time it takes to alter these rigid OSS billing system software offset the advantage that could be extracted with new launch at the right moment. On the other hand, a revolutionary OSS Billing System like Telgoo5 faces no such issues and can be the difference maker in the current state of the telecom industry.

Advantages of a Revolutionary OSS Billing System

An Billing and OSS providers like Telgoo5 that is envisaged and created to handle the modern-day requirements offers clear advantages over a traditional billing system. Some of its benefits that can play a huge role in shaping the fortunes of a telecom operator are listed below:

  1. Partnership with other vendors: The services on offer in the telecom industry are countless and not all operators are capable of providing these services by themselves. Moreover, services like OTT service (e.g. Netflix) require a proper subscription model, which is not found in legacy software solutions. And, without partnering with an OTT vendor, you run the risk of losing out your customers to competing for OTT services providers or your direct competitors (who are already in a partnership with some OTT vendor). This is a major reason why you should get your hands on a revolutionary OSS billing system   ASAP.OSS Billing System
  2. Flexible charging models: Although the erstwhile IN-based telecom billing systems were capable of real-time charging, they lacked the desired flexibility. However, the newer and much-improved telecom billing system software solutions like Telgoo5 are versatile and can be utilized for launching newer plans and attractive bundles with consummate ease.
  3. Connection with all major payment gateways: Unlike in the past, when the payment modes for telecom billing were restricted to just a few, nowadays, the situation is very different. Payment is done through credit cards, debit cards, online transfer, and many other third-party platforms. Some subscribers are very fussy about their preferred mode of payment and may overlook your services just because you do not have the option for their preferred payment mode. Hence, it makes good sense to invest in modern software that is flexible in this regard.
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