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Avoid Pitfalls of Subpar Inventory Management with Proven Telecom Software Solutions

The value of inventory management isn’t always reflected in the revenues generated by companies. But, veterans across all industries understand its significance and keep it at the forefront of their thoughts. The situation is quite different for small virtual operators i.e. MVNOs who simply do not have the wherewithal to establish the infrastructure required for flawless inventory management. The key is to partner with an MVNE that has proven telecom software solutions to undertake a project of any magnitude.

Why Inventory Management Matters?

Inventory management matters a lot for the success of a telecom operation. In case, it is not done right, there can be certain repercussions for a business:

  1. Excessive expenditure on unnecessary things: When you do not have control over your telecom services, it can come back to haunt you. Any laxity in tracking of mobile and fixed-line services can cause your subscribers to pay more than what they have consumed. This can have an adverse impact on their psyche and they may decide to leave you because of mismanagement of their account.
  2. Wastage of resources: Lack of quality in inventory management can lead to the wastage of both your tangible and intangible resources.
  3. Lack of forecast: Forecasting the future and devising plans accordingly is a huge difference-maker for an MVNO operation. Bad inventory management does not give you a clear idea of what you have and what you can do with it.

Therefore, it is imperative for MVNOs to invest in quality telecom software solutions that help them keep a clear account of their inventory and devise better strategies to elevate their business.

Optimize Inventory and Do a Lot More with Proven Telecom Billing Services

Telecom billing services providers like Telgoo5 have proven solutions for MVNOs that can help them boost their business prospects and get a grip on their operations. Have a look at some of the advantages of partnering with Telgoo5:

  1. Complete convergence: Inventory management is not an isolated task. It requires you to excel at a range of functions like postpaid, prepaid, broadband, OTT and other types of billing. Telgoo5 provides you a convergent charging platform i.e. OCS (Online Charging System) that charges and rates all the services at a single point. The charging is done in real-time to ensure proper enforcement of credit limits and accurate charging.
  2. Complete reporting: At Telgoo5, you get a slave database that is connected with a master database located at the MVNEs location. You get access to all the reports, which provide you a clear indication of the inventory you have. Thus, you are able to create better strategies to improve your business operation.
  3. APIs: The technology in telecom industry is evolving at a fast pace. You may come across new requirements at every other step, for which, you require APIs. At Telgoo5, you get APIs that are built to meet the specific requirements of MVNOs. For example, if you want to distribute the SIM cards for a new IoT project, you get instant access to the services of a Telgoo5 partner who is accomplished in these services. The APIs manage the complete partnership, update inventory status and allow you to carry out your core operations with minimum of fuss.
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