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Temptation of Cheap Telecom Billing Software and How to Overcome It

Telecom billing software lays the basis for a telecom operation to grow upon. It has great significance for both MNOs and MVNOs that are always in a war of competition amongst them. There are different aspects of a telecom operation that need to be accounted for by telecom billing systems. A professional approach to telecom billing is a must, if you truly want to keep your customers happy and your day-to-day operations organized.

Telecom Billing Software: Overcoming Price Point Confusion

Those telcos who have pledged their allegiance to traditional billing systems are in big trouble. In the current scenario, separate prepaid, postpaid and broadband billing is a no go. The need of the hour is to move over to a convergent charging platform that comes equipped with modern functionalities.

For MVNOs, it is essential to keep a tab on their expenditures. As they do not have large customer bases, their revenue is limited. They can’t spend heavily on telecom billing software solutions. But, a decision to settle on cheap telecom billing software is also not ideal. Cheaper telecom billing systems are not designed with the future in mind. Any change in regulation or a launch of new technology can unsettle your whole operation. And, the cost of customization is generally very high. Hence, you should avoid buying the cheapest telecom billing systems.

If you are confused about the selection of telecom billing software, it is best to focus on the vendor. A telecom software provider that has a consistent track record can be a better option.

The Advantage of Next-Gen Telecom Billing Systems

Next-gen telecom billing systems can be a great long-term investment for MVNOs. Have a look at some of their advantages:

Availability of Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs are an indispensable part of modern billing operations. The APIs help MVNOs fulfill ad hoc requirements with great ease. The fact that APIs prevent the need for software overhauls and customizations make them a powerful option. Any ad hoc requirement can be fulfilled easily with APIs. For example, if you want to integrate NLAD database, you can install an API provided by Telgoo5 – a well-known telecom services vendor – and your work is done. Need a new shipping vendor and want to add its services instantly, simply install the relevant API. Overall, APIs are like boons that can make your present-day and unforeseen future operations simple.

Complete convergence

Telcos who have dealt with prepaid and postpaid billing separately know how difficult it can be. In the present day, the number of services is far greater than in the past. Billing every service through different platforms can create a major headache for the operators. Instead, use a centralized OCS-powered platform like the one offered by Telgoo5. The real-time charging capabilities of OCS can be used for charging all types of services. It allows telcos to send a single invoice that reflects charges for broadband, IoT, data, calls, SMS etc. Convergent billing brings in transparency into billing and leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction.


Cheap telecom billing software may seem like a good option at first glance but they can become a hazard in the long run. The cost of customizations and major system overhauls can offset the advantage of their low price.

Telgoo5 provides a next-gen MVNO platform that comes equipped with a real-time OCS. It simplifies billing, brings in transparency and improves customer trust Another advantage that it offers comes in the form of APIs that are built to fulfill specific telcos requirements, at a moment’s notice.

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