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Manage the Emerging Scope of Industry with Better Telecom Billing Services

Telecom industry is an ever-evolving space. Every few months there is a new development that forces telcos to change their strategies. For a new entrant in the market, this can be an intimidating situation. Not only MNOs/MVNOs have to fulfil the current needs, but they also have to keep tabs on what comes next. One needs to at least have expertise in voice and video calls, IPTV and VoD, IP Centrex/Hosted IP PBX, residential VoIP, Wi-Fi, LTE and M2M/IoT. This is just the very basic. What comes later can be even more challenging, especially if you already have your hands filled. So, instead of taking every responsibility head-on all by yourself, you should use telecom billing services that are tried and tested.

Telecom operations can become confusing for even the experts. Their scope is so large that one person cannot possibly foresee and imagine the fate of a business. There is a need for different departments to oversee different operations, regardless of whether you are an MNO, MVNO or a full-fledged ISP. Taking too much burden on one’s shoulder can lead to major blind spots that can prevent you from fully exploiting the market conditions. The best way to counter the complexity of current and future telecom billing services is by choosing a Billing and OSS providers that can help in:

Facing Up to the Challenge of Complexity

Monetize services quickly

To beat the competition, you need to bring your services quickly to the market. Any delay in the launch and you risk compromising the efficacy of your market strategy.

Offer one-stop convergent billing solutions

Providing detailed and bifurcated invoices with every charge clearly mentioned fosters customer trust. A centralized charging system like an Online Charging System (OCS) can work wonders for your telecom operations. Always invest telecom billing companies that can offer you a choice between OCS and Offline Charging System (OFCS). OCS is the better option but OFCS can sometimes be cost-effective in situations where real-time billing is not necessary.

APIs for meeting ad hoc requirements with ease

Anytime you can face new challenges that cannot be overcome by your existing telecom software. When investing in new software is not an option (due to financial constraints), APIs can come to your rescue. With a simple installation of API, you can integrate new functionalities e.g. a new payment gateway or a new shipping vendor partnership.

Fulfilling the Scope of Modern-Day Telecom Billing

Below are some essential elements of telecom services that require expertise in:

  1. Vendor routing
  2. CDR meditation
  3. Reporting and administration
  4. Load balancing of servers
  5. Provisioning of additional capacity to maximize billing performance
  6. Providing the option of self-care portal to customers
  7. Integration with 3rd party APIs for quick launch of 3rd party programs/services
  8. Intuitive configuration server that is easy to understand and operate
  9. Redundancy, disaster management and recovery

For smoothening the flow of your telecom operations, it is essential that telecom billing companies that your partner with have the abovementioned capabilities and attributes.

At Vcare, we excel in providing all types of telecom billing services. We have an Online Charging System that is completely reliable and charges all services in real-time. We constantly keep on innovating and are always ready to meet your growing requirements.

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