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Reduces your MVNO’s Struggles with Top Telecom Billing Systems

An MVNO needs to perform many functions to stay tenable in the current competitive world. But it can be a major struggle for companies that do not have the necessary technical expertise and connections within the industry. As an MVNO does not own a lot of infrastructure of its own (hardware resources and networking devices), it depends on the support from vendors in different verticals. It has to manage various partnerships and monetary transactions that take place in every association. This can all be done easily via top OSS software telecom solutions designed for MVNOs.

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5G Can Exhaust Telcos, Brace up with Evolved B/OSS and Telecom Billing Software

5G is touted to be a revolutionary technology with potential to change the face of the Internet. The blinding data  speeds that it offers can lead to the creation of new and improved solutions for various industries. Limited rollouts of 5G have already started happening as I write and you read this article, but there is still some time for its complete launch. Right now, telcos are feeling the heat due to depreciated revenues via staple services i.e. voice and SMS. The systems are stressed and they are struggling to match up with the increasing requirements. But once 5G is fully launched, the situation is only going to become more challenging. Therefore, it has become essential to overhaul existing platforms and brace up to the 5G challenge with better B/OSS andtelecom billing software.

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Telecom billing systems

Bill Shock No More with Convergent Telecom Billing Systems

Telecom billing systems have kept on evolving since their inception in the early 1990s. In the years gone by, telecom billing was primarily done for simple services like voice and SMS. The plans were simple and the significance of billing software was not that high. But, with the addition of data-based services, the pressure on billing and OSS software telecom systems has reached unfathomable proportions. No longer are customers satisfied with separate bills for different services. The paradigm of prepaid/postpaid billing has shifted completely and a centralized charging architecture has become the staple of successful telecom billing systems.

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