Security – the top priority at CareTel

If the solution is not secure and runs the risk of being misused, then actually it is worse than being useless.
Therefore we at CareTel ensure that the solutions are not just useful but also protected against misuse and completely secure. To highlight that CareTel has implemented measures to ensure the security of the pre-paid as well as post-paid telecom connections of our clients, we are describing the various methods we have implemented to ensure security.
Privacy protected by unique ID
We make available all the Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), which includes the call details, call durations and other information. But all this information will not be disclosed to just about anyone. The person who requests for information will have to first furnish after entering the unique ID and the password which they are allotted.
All other social security numbers are also not disclosed if the password is not entered correctly.
Data protected by encryption
All the data which is exchanged between the client’s hosted system and the CareTel browsing window is SSL encrypted. This encryption ensures that the database of CareTel cannot be accessed by public Internet and it stays safe from prying cybercriminals.
Log-in access for user activities
Registration and Log-in are mandatory for participating as a user and various user group privileges. This helps keep a track of the users.
Apart from these measures to ensure virtual security, we also ensure the security of all our hardware facilities and data.
We do this by deploying guards and safety precautions at our Data Center.
Our centralized data center has a fire-detection system. Also, our data center is monitored 24×7×365 to keep track of any suspicious activity.
We also ensure complete back-up of our data with help of redundant power. Our Quadruple Backup system which comprises of mirrored hard drives, mirrored database servers, nightly backups, and nightly off-site data storage.
So with CareTel you are assured of a secure oss billing solution. This is the reason why we are your safe bet!

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