New Year Resolutions at OSS

We at OSS adopted a single point resolution this year–
We shall always do SMART work.
This SMART approach towards all our projects will ensure that all our targets and goals are always met. For those who aren’t aware of what this acronym stands for, well it is –

So whenever we will set a goal for ourselves, and capture the client’s requirements, we will make sure that our goals are ‘Specific’ and not vague or ambiguous. We shall also ensure that all the work that is assigned to the staff is tangibly ‘Measurable’ so that we can keep checking on the work progress. We shall make sure that we have all the adequate resources to accomplish our goal and that they are ‘Achievable’ for us. We will also make sure that we don’t become excessively ambitious and all our goals are always ‘Realistic’ and are feasible. And last, but definitely not the least, every goal will have a set deadline when it has to get finished. So no project is open-ended and every work is ‘Time-Bound’. With this SMART approach to work, we hope that our clients also get smarter and choose our impeccable OSS and Billing solutions!

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