Pre-paid and Post-paid Telecom Billing Solutions made easy by CareTel OSS software – Part-1

Every mobile-user of this world is faced with two choices the moment they buy a new SIM – whether to opt for a pre-paid or for a post-paid connection. Apart from minor differences in call rates, the crucial difference is in the payment timing. Post-paid billing occurs at the end of every month, while the pre-paid billing occurs in real time. Naturally then the telecom companies also have to adopt different ways to compute these two bills. They need someone to execute pre-paid telecom billing services and also postpaid telecom billing services for them. OSS system solution vendors come into the picture here.
Through OSS (Operation Support Software) like we provide at CareTel, telecom companies can easily calculate the bills of their thousands of customers, both pre-paid and post-paid.
In this blog, we will enumerate the features which make Pre-paid billing easy through our CareTel Software. This Software enables payment by various means such as the following:

  • Payments by Credit Cards and ACH

CareTel software has ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment facility and is also is integrated with credit card. Payments can be easily made online or after logging in.Customers can directly enroll to avail this facility. Enrolment is done online as well as telephonically through QuickTel. After their credit/debit card’s validity is confirmed, and then customers’ payments will be automatically debited.

  • Payments by DigiMoney Integration

Subscribers can convert cash into digitized money with the CareTel software and this can be used to pay bills.

  • Payments by major carriers and centers

CareTel operations are spread across 40 states of America. So payments can be made from various location centers through coupons cards or value cards.

  • Payment by Money Gram Integration

We can use MoneyGram orders to make the payments for mobiles.

  • Payment by Western Union, SwiftPay

CareTel Software is integrated with the popular payments facilities like SwiftPay and Western Union.

With all these multiple options of payment through CareTel Software, having a pre-paid connection becomes hassle-free, both for the mobile-user as well as for the telecom company.
Keep watching this space for our next in series, on how CareTel makes post-paid billing solutions a smooth and simple process.

Beginners Guide to OSS

While OSS is a common industry jargon, but laypersons still do not understand OSS much. That is why we post here a beginner’s guide to OSS. This is more brief than the Wikipedia version and less complex than other definitions that you would find on the web.

So this beginner’s guide is as follows:
Definition of OSS:
OSS stands for Operational Support System. It is commonly used along with the word billing. So OSS Billing is the popular phrase. It refers to the various operations related to inventory of customers and their billing. In the Telecom industry OSS Billing can be understood to mean the management of each mobile user’s account. The system through which the data of all these millions of mobile users is stored and updated is called as the OSS billing system or telecom billing system.
Brief History:
All the work of OSS, which is to maintain the inventory of bills, was manually till 1970s. The people gradually began to realize that many of these tasks can be handled automatically through technology.
Gradually computers began to take over the job of storing the data and created a system of feeding it.
The language of Unix and C programming was created to cater to this requirement,
But networking of all these OSS systems was still a hurdle.
This means that if a task is completed on one of the system, it will still show unfinished in a separate system. The need was felt for an integrated network where completing the task in one system would automatically get updated on all OSS systems of the network.
Present situation:
Today all these hurdles have been overcome. OSS is largely an automated and networked system of billing. Presently the installation and maintenance of OSS is a costly proposition. Research is on to make it more compact and less expensive.
But we must add that the most cost-efficient OSS Billing solutions are available with us at CareTel! So think OSS Billing, think CareTel.

Value Added Service management simplified by OSS-BSS billing solutions

All the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are actually not just that. Besides communication, they are also a source of entertainment to the mobile users. Every telecom corporation offers various products like ringtones, caller tunes from popular movie songs, music albums to their customers. These are apart from their regular talk time recharge and are also billed separately. Such services are called as Value added services (VAS).

OSS and BSS software which maintain the individual billing of each mobile user can be used for easy management of VAS billing also.

The best thing about VAS is that it has very low Total cost of ownership (TCO) for the company. They can obtain the song’s distribution rights for a nominal sum. And CSPs are able to earn very high Return on Investment (ROI) by selling the song to millions of customers. At Caretel, we provide integrated telecom billing services with VAS for our CSP clients.

So add valuable revenue to your business with VAS, and manage it simply with OSS and BSS solutions.


Paperless Billing is the Way Ahead

We need not reiterate that millions of forests are being chopped down for producing paper. The whole process of paper manufacturing also emits greenhouse gases and consumes water. And the waste generated by paper ends up in our land-fills. Today in the IT age, humanity has the option to reduce its consumption of paper as more and more people of the world possess a Personal Computer (PC) or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). We, at CareTel OSS Billing, are doing our bit to make the planet greener.

Our exclusive and advanced CareTel software solution for Telecommunications industry can generate accurate bills online for your millions of mobile customers. Our software computes the cost of the bill on the basis of DUF (Daily Usage Files) and Call Detail Records (CDR).

CareTel OSS Billing Software can be further customized to include calculations of Tax. And the Bills can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as you require.

The generated bill is formatted in such a manner that it can be sent as an e-mail or as an attachment file. The Bill, with breakup of the cost in various heads, can be sent out to millions of your customer with a click, through an integrated software application. And most of all, the emails will reach the mailboxes with 100% certainty.

Now compare this with snail mail. Posted bills to the address may not always reach on time, depending on the postal facility. In case the customer changes their address, or if there is any error in the address, then the Bill would just not reach the customer and non-payment of bill would lead to severing of connection for no fault of the customer. Now this is a sure method to get disgruntled customers!

Not to mention that every bill consumes at least one sheet of paper, and also the envelope.

So why choose this tedious, slow and polluting method when you have a convenient option of choosing the paperless online billing solution. All your customers would also be happy to receive bills online. In case there are some exceptions, like senior citizens who aren’t comfortable with computers yet, then you can send paper bills only to them.

We strongly recommend this method to all our telecom clients. Paperless Billing is not just our service, but also our Corporate Social Responsibility.