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USA: +1.206.441.7760
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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
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As a prepaid service operator, the crux of the business lies in how advanced you are and we deliver right that- the advanced technology with utmost flexibility through our software CareTel.
Customer proprietary network information (CPNI)
A subscriber is able to view the details of his account after he logs on to the account by entering his unique ID and password. In addition, sensitive and important information as well as social security numbers are hidden. An e-mail is sent to a customer to inform him about the change in his password or account.

Protection of Data
SSL encryption of data that runs between the hosted system and CareTel browsing window of client application enables security of data. One cannot access the CareTel database through the public Internet. In addition, the hosted system is also SSL encrypted thereby making the data inaccessible.

User Log-in Access
User group permissions allow you to log in and control user activities.

Data Center
Our advanced and integrated data center is assured of uninterrupted power supply. The data center also has an HVAC facility with features like suppression, humidity-controlled environment, fire-detection and controlled temperature. Our data center is under constant observation.

Quadruple Backup
Security and protection of data is a time-consuming activity for companies. Loss of data might lead to disastrous consequences. CareTel provides you with the facility to protect your data against any kind of human error or hardware problem. CareTel assures complete protection to your data through its unique, multilayered quadruple protection.

1 Mirrored hard drives: An ancillary database server that allows you to access your database and make an update at the time of access. It provides you with an added advantage as well as protection against the failure of hardware. If the hard drive or primary database server fails, the mirror hard drive would take over the situation and carry out the work until the time the primary hard drive is ready to work again.

2 Mirrored database servers:A duplicated database server that enables immediate recording and replication of modifications, alterations and changes made to the primary data servers. The mirrored database server is based on MySQL. MySQL is an Open Software programming language recognized for its security, compatibility and consistency.

3 Nightly backups: At CareTel, the data is duplicated as per the time zone of the local database server. The data can also be copied for sorting out changes according to the day and night schedule.

4 Nightly, off-site data storage: We have collaborated with leading companies in the field of software recovery and network back-up. Our collaborations have helped us encrypt and store data. We are also capable of providing you with data that is free from human error of any kind.