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USA: +1.206.441.7760
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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
Your partner in Telecom Billing Realms.
As a prepaid service operator, the crux of the business lies in how advanced you are and we deliver right that - the advanced technology with utmost flexibility through our software CareTel.
XML/EDI Provisioning
Provisioning as well as commissioning of orders can be either done online or using CareTel. We provide you with an independent system for provisioning. This reduces our dependence on third party vendors that offer provisioning services. The availability of an autonomous provisioning system enables cost-effective and enhanced provisioning.

Least Cost Provisioning
CareTel enables provisioning of new orders in a cost-effective manner. This is done according to the rules of our client.

Zero-Touch Orders
Irrespective of whether you want disconnection of an account or its suspension, your company and the regulations associated with it are our first priority.

Automatic Billing and Order Completion
The software enables auto sending of bill after completion of an order. This keeps a customer updated about his status.

Provisioning for Dial up and Long Distance
CareTel provides you with automated call provisioning services. Activities like activation, renewal and suspension of calls take places in an automated form.

Endorsed Rating
DUF and CDRs
Identification of duplicate calls and files