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USA: +1.206.441.7760
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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
Your partner in Telecom Billing Realms.
As a prepaid service operator, the crux of the business lies in how advanced you are and we deliver right that - the advanced technology with utmost flexibility through our software CareTel.
Credit Cards and ACH payments
The integration of our software with ACH payment facility and credit cards enables online payment. A customer can also make a payment after logging on to his account.

Automated Payments via Credit Card /ACH Payments
A customer has the liberty to get enrolled in a pre-authorized debit program. This can be either for his bank account or credit card. The customer can complete his enrolment using QuickTel or through the web. The validity of a customer's bank account information or credit card would be checked if he enrolls online. In addition, the bank account or the credit card of the customer would be debited once-a-month on the due date. E-mails regarding exception reports are sent daily to customers.

DigiMoney Integration
Our software allows the conversion of your customer's cash into digital money. Moreover, the digital money can be used by the customer for payment of bills or as a subscription for services. All a customer needs to do is purchase a few features of the software. After this, the customer can call his carrier and make an application. Instant processing of payments helps a customer avoid disconnections and suspensions.
Accepting Payments from major payment carriers and centers
Our company supports most of the important payment centers of the United States thereby allowing us to operate in above 40 states. We offer an extensive assortment of financial services like value cards, coupons cards and prepaid wireless services. Any customer can make a payment at the preferred location. Processing of the payment takes place later on at CareTel.

Money Gram Integration
CareTel facilitates provisioning of MoneyGram orders. These orders can be automatically downloaded as well as posted.

Integrated with Western Union SwiftPay
Our company has made an arrangement for integration of payment facilities through Western Union and SwiftPay. You can automatically download the files. If we are unable to post a file in the system, then an exception report is emailed both to the customer as well as the company for further action.

Box and Batch Payment
Tabs-lock box allows us to upload payment files without much effort. Besides making entries for payment information, one can also check for processing money and orders.