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CareTel Software - Telecom Billing Services
Your partner in Telecom Billing Realms.

As a prepaid service operator, the crux of the business lies in how advanced you are and we deliver right that - the advanced technology with utmost flexibility through our software CareTel.

Billing & Printing
Pricing by Location
Different price points are allocated to the agents for products, fee structure and plans. All these vary according to the residence and state of customers.

Tax and All Inclusive Pricing
The software can be customized and made inclusive of additional charges like tax. The feature enhances the simplicity of the billing procedure both for the company as well as its clients.

Daily Usage File processing
Like DUF, the CDRs are also updated every day. The software offers support to project costing of important carriers for long distance calls. The project pin is sent to you every day through an e-mail. This also appears in the printed invoice which can be used by customers for future references. The report includes the list of Automatic Number Identifications which do not have the support of the software or are inactive, but still exhibit LD movements.

Late Fee
The software automatically charges an extra fee from the customers for late payment. This is done according to the established criteria. In addition, regular emails are sent to the customers who are supposed to pay a late fee.

Scheduled Billing
A customer is billed on a monthly, weekly or daily basis according to his preferences. The billing cycles are cross verified for accuracy. Moreover, a quality inspection of the bill also takes place before its final posting.

The software also offers support to above 90% tax ratings of the billing system. Irrespective of whether it is LD, Internet based or local call, it includes a validated tax as per the jurisdiction area of the customer. Moreover, one can also change the city, state, country or the state taxes of the customer accordingly.
Work with any printing vendor
We do not have any kind of requirement or contract regarding the use of a specified vendor or printing equipment. You are free to opt for any vendor or printing equipment.

Facility of Carrier Access Billing
The software is capable of sorting out non-billable calls. In addition, the software can also streamline the process for CABs billing and DUFs once in a week.

The availability of e-bills helps in saving paper. Moreover, the facility of email alerts helps in making online payments.